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The study of dreams opens the door to a fascinating sphere of a complete and separate dimension of experience. Although our common every day experiences offer little proof of this other reality and many people do not always remember their dreams, the vast and unexplored realm of dreams can provide valuable insights into the deepest recesses of our psyches. Practicing dream recall and dream interpretation along with studying the meaning of nightmares or precognitive dreams can yield a treasure trove of proof of another reality that can be investigated and applied for greater fulfillment in our daily waking lives. Some say it has been the lack of a connection with our own subconscious, intuitive awareness that has led indirectly to many of mankind’s current cultural, political and planetary environmental challenges today.

Although research has shown that dreams do have meaning and many have debated the issue, more and more people are finding that their dreams can be very meaningful and they can be quite useful for learning more about the dreamer's actual feelings, thoughts, behavior, motives, and values in every day waking life. Ongoing research now shows us that not only can dreams be utilized to solve problems, but many artists, writers, and scientists often get their best creative ideas and inspirations from the dream state. Examining the parallels between dreams and the thoughts, feelings, behavior, and motives of a dreamer has been shown to help creative people resolve issues and conflicts in ways they may not have been able to otherwise access.

While some dream researchers have tried to learn how to increase lucid dreaming in order to be able to affect the course of a dream as it happens, complete control of the dream state has never really been achieved. Most current dream research work does not focus on trying to control dreams, and now encourages learning to enjoy and understand dreams for what they truly are instead. If you are interested in learning more about your dreams and what practical knowledge can be gained from examining them, bookmark as your one-stop dream resource on the Web today.