Fish in urine sample…

milfs dating appDream:  I dreamed I urinated in a urine cup sample and when I went to check it there was a fish swimming in the urine cup.

DreamsMaster:  A fish swimming in a urine sample leads me straight to the question, is there a chance you may be pregnant? Or are you hoping to be? A fish in dreams often represents good fortune. If you are at an age and stage in life where you are capable of getting pregnant, then this dream could be a sign pointing in that direction.

If being pregnant now or in the future is not a possibility, next you’d want to look at the theme and symbolism of this dream. Here are a couple of questions that may provide further guidance:

  • What was on your mind the night you had the dream?
  • Think of the feelings you had in the dream. Can you think of a time when you experienced similar feelings prior to the dream?

The theme of testing positive on a pregnancy test comes through strongly. If it’s not literal, then it could be a metaphor for some new life growing inside you, and good fortune coming your way.

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