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dating reality

adult hookup websitesDream: I had a dream that I married my ex. What does this mean?

DreamsMaster: A dream about marrying your ex can have different meanings, depending in part on the circumstances surrounding the relationship and how it ended. Here are some ideas to consider.

If you are still in love with your ex or hoping to get back together, the dream could be playing out a sense of “wish fulfillment” that dreams often do. It doesn’t necessarily mean this is what you actually think you want in your waking world, but instead may be a quiet wish of the heart buried in your unconscious dreaming mind.

If you are still grieving the loss of the relationship, dreaming of getting married could be related to your innermost mind still working through the grief process, particularly the stage of grief commonly referred to as Denial – that sense that the end has not really occurred. Another stage of grief that may be in play is what’s known as the Bargaining stage – the “what if’s” and “if only’s” that can sometimes consume us. For example, in the case of dreaming about marrying one’s ex, the mind may be stuck on tapes like, “If only I hadn’t done ______, we might still be on a path to marriage.”

A key piece of information is missing from your dream submission, which is how you felt in the dream about marrying your ex. If the feeling was that of love and excitement, then dreaming about marrying your ex may fit with one of the interpretations above. However, it the feeling in the dream was unhappiness or even dread, then the dream may be reflecting a sense of powerlessness or lack of control when it comes to getting attached to unhealthy relationships.

If you do not still have an emotional attachment to your ex one way or another, to dream of getting married could symbolize that you identify very closely with certain personality traits in your ex, or perhaps with something to do with their lifestyle. Getting married in a dream often symbolically represents joining together with some unconscious aspect of oneself, or transitioning from one stage in life to another.

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Dreamt that a couple was murdered…

couple was murderedDream: Yesterday morning I dreamt that a couple was murdered. They weren’t anyone I knew. It wasn’t a shocking dream, though, because in the dream I felt that I’d seen it all before. It was as though I was just acting a part in a play, the script of which I already knew. What does this mean?

DreamsMaster: Since the couple in your dream were people you don’t know, the dream is likely symbolic of your own relationships. In the dream you felt you’d seen it all before. Do you feel you have a pattern of “killing off” your relationships? Are you currently in a relationship that you anticipate running the same course, in that you’re playing a familiar role? If these questions feel like they’re hitting the mark, the dream could be a message from your innermost self advising that if you want to be in an enduring relationship, you need to start reading from a different script.

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I dreamed I was stabbed several times…

I dreamed I was stabbed

Dream: I dreamed I was stabbed several times. What does that mean for me?

DreamsMaster: To fully understand the meaning of a dream, more details are required. For example, did you know the person or people who stabbed you? Where were you when the stabbing took place? What part of your body did they stab?

If you knew the person who stabbed you, then the dream could be warning you that this person is not to be trusted – especially if you were stabbed in the back, reenacting the metaphor about betrayal.

If you did not know the person, then the person could symbolize a part of yourself sabotaging you. Perhaps you have a ruthless inner critic and you tend to beat yourself up or “cut” yourself when you think you’ve said or done something “stupid” or wrong.

Most of our dreams relate to something on our mind when we went to bed. Consider this as you think about the interpretation ideas I’ve suggested, and see if more ideas come to you. You might also want to look at the Dreams.com Dreams Library for additional interpretations related to being attacked or killed.

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Scary dream about my brother…

Scary dream about my brotherDream: I had this really scary dream about my brother and now I’m really worried that something evil is after us. We were getting ready to leave my house when I noticed lights flickering wherever I went in the house. I said “the power of Christ compels you” and they stopped but then quickly started flickering faster then they stopped. The lights in the hallway went on, and then started flickering leading down to the laundry room (where my brother was). I quickly ran to the laundry room and hugged my brother, made a cross with my fingers, and repeatedly screamed “the power of Christ compels you” waiting for it to come in through the doorway. After what felt like 5 minutes a very tall figure walked around the corner in a black hooded cape. He had a long nose and pale, old wrinkly skin. He kept his fix on my brother the entire time and stepped closer. I tried to keep screaming it but I was losing my voice. He was shrieking and breaking my fingers without touching me. I screamed again and he looked at me with pure anger before I woke up.

DreamsMaster: Yes, this is a scary dream, but you have nothing to fear from the dream itself. The dream likely represents your own personal struggles between good and evil, which might have to do with your own sense of guilt over something that’s happened in your waking world, or it could be about trying to rescue your brother from something you perceive as evil but feeling powerless to do so. As an example, another dreamer shared a similar dream in which she was trying to rescue a friend from an evil force, and it turned out the “evil force” in his life was drugs. Is there some kind of “evil force” in your life or in your brother’s life that you feel compelled to try to rescue him from?

In the dream you’re losing your voice as you desperately try to protect your brother, which could be symbolic of your sense of powerlessness at not feeling heard or listened to. Rescuers often become victims. The dream could be a warning that if you continue to try to rescue him, you could end up being a victim yourself if he turns his anger on you and cuts you out of his life completely.

The dreamer is the only one who can interpret their own dream, but hopefully my input has put you a little at ease as you explore what the dream is trying to tell you.

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Dreamed about feeling my baby…

Dreamed about feeling a babyDream: I am 14 weeks pregnant, in the early morning today I dreamed about feeling my baby in my tummy (like moving baby inside) and when happily I am showing to my mom, sister, suddenly my sister felt afraid n went away all of a sudden my tummy got big as a 9 month pregnant lady n immediately in that moment I delivered a frog with a tiny baby … I woke up suddenly and the time was 6. I am so afraid because everyone says when you get a dream in the morning it would become true. Does this mean anything ??? Many questions in my mind…

DreamsMaster: No, just because you have a dream in the morning does not mean the dream will come true or should be taken literally. In fact, in a normal night’s sleep, we generally have a dream cycle approximately every 90 minutes, with the longest dream period occurring in the morning just before we wake up. This is why we tend to remember our morning dreams more than the ones that occur in the middle of the night.

So, instead of fearing the dream, take a look at what the dream could mean for you symbolically.

Here are a couple of questions to consider that might help you understand this dream…

– In the dream, your sister is afraid. In your waking world, does your sister tend to be overly anxious and fearing the worst in things? It’s possible she appears in your dream to represent this part of you that has underlying concerns about motherhood and the health of your child. It’s very natural to have anxiety mixed in with the joy of pregnancy, but sometimes we try to suppress uncomfortable emotions.

– In the dream, you delivered a frog with a tiny baby. The next question to ponder is, what does a frog represent to you personally? In the Indian culture, a frog often symbolizes reincarnation. In this context, the dream could represent an inner sense that your unborn child is being watched over by the spirit of a loved one. In Native American culture, a frog might represent fertility and prosperity. In this context, the dream could again be a positive symbol of a healthy pregnancy. What might a frog mean to you culturally or personally?

In summary, there is nothing to fear about this dream. In fact, it’s likely just the opposite. From my perspective, the dream appears to be your innermost self trying to ease your mind with reassurances that the life growing inside of you is safe and well protected.

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