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best european dating siteDream: What does it mean to always count money in your dreams?

DreamsMaster: Money can represent personal value and self-worth. In this regard, to “always count money” in a dream may symbolize a constant need for reassurance.

Money may also symbolize security, power and freedom. In this case, dreams of counting money may occur at times you may be feeling particularly insecure or powerless in your waking world, and the dreams are your inner-mind’s way of trying to calm yourself or put your mind at ease.

What a dream means has everything to do with the dreamer. Let’s say you own a business and dream about counting money. If you’re feeling happy in the dream, the dream could represent good fortune coming your way. On the other hand, if you’re feeling anxious in the dream, the dream could represent a sense of mistrust. For example, your inner detective may be picking up clues that an employee is stealing from you. Or, you could be anxious about whether or not you are bringing in enough money to meet your needs.

In order to fully understand what this recurring dream means to you, start by pausing to think about what money means to you personally. Also, consider the act of counting it, and the feeling that accompanies this in the dream. If none of the ideas above trigger the cheaters dating website feeling that comes with an accurate interpretation, start keeping track of when you have this dream, and what was on your mind the day or night before. This should help shine light on the message your inner self is trying to give you.

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Fish jumping…

Fish jumpingDream:  I could see the fish jumping out the water, and when I pulled my line up I caught 3 fish

DreamsMaster:  Fish are often a sign of good fortune in dreams. Fish jumping in the water may also be a symbol of fertility or conception, and it’s significant that you caught three.

Water often represents our emotional or spiritual state. In this context, fish jumping could represent ideas percolating beneath consciousness. Catching fish could represent getting hold of these ideas.

For some, the fish is a symbol of Christianity, and three could represent the trinity.

Think about what was on your mind the night you had the dream, and consider these ideas to see if you can uncover the true meaning for yourself. In general, this dream represents good things happening for you. Enjoy!

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Fish in urine sample…

FishDream:  I dreamed I urinated in a urine cup sample and when I went to check it there was a fish swimming in the urine cup.

DreamsMaster:  A fish swimming in a urine sample leads me straight to the question, is there a chance you may be pregnant? Or are you hoping to be? A fish in dreams often represents good fortune. If you are at an age and stage in life where you are capable of getting pregnant, then this dream could be a sign pointing in that direction.

If being pregnant now or in the future is not a possibility, next you’d want to look at the theme and symbolism of this dream. Here are a couple of questions that may provide further guidance:

  • What was on your mind the night you had the dream?
  • Think of the feelings you had in the dream. Can you think of a time when you experienced similar feelings prior to the dream?

The theme of testing positive on a pregnancy test comes through strongly. If it’s not literal, then it could be a metaphor for some new life growing inside you, and good fortune coming your way.

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