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Crush cheating on me…

crush cheatingDream:  Why do I keep having the same dream of my crush cheating on me?

DreamsMaster:  Your inner detective may be picking up clues about this person’s infidelity, or you may be feeling insecure in the relationship and your dreams are acting out a worst-case scenario. It’s also possible that some hidden part of you doesn’t want to be in the relationship, and you’re subconsciously pushing this person away.

The fundamental issue is about trust. Do you trust your crush? Do you feel this person is trustworthy of your emotional investment? Do you trust yourself? Do you feel you’re capable of being in a committed relationship? Consider these questions, and then watch for future dreams to provide more insight.

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Dreaming about sharks…

Dreaming about sharksDream: What is the meaning of dreaming about sharks.

DreamsMaster:  A shark means different things to different people. So, start by thinking about how you personally would describe a shark, and then consider how this description and the theme of the dream apply to your daily life.

For example… if you dream of a shark and you think a shark is a cold-hearted, insensitive predator, then look to your waking world and ask yourself if anyone you know fits that description. In this case, a dream of a shark may be a warning to watch out for someone trying to take advantage of you.

On the other hand, to a person who works closely with sea animals and knows sharks are victims of overfishing and at risk of extinction, a dream about sharks could represent one’s feelings of being misunderstood – feeling perceived as the aggressor yet is actually the victim.

The shark in your particular dream may represent a person in your life who fits your personal description, or if there are multiple sharks, perhaps a group or community in which you’re involved. The shark may also represent an aspect of your own personality that you’re coming to terms with.

To more fully understand the meaning of the dream, the next questions to ask yourself include:

  • What were the sharks doing in the dream? Were they just swimming around aimlessly, were they attacking a victim, or were they being attacked themselves?
  • What feelings did you have in the dream? Were you scared? Involved? Angry?
  • What was on your mind the night you had the dream?

Oh, and one more note… if you’re into hockey, to dream of a shark may have an entirely different meaning if you follow the San Jose Sharks!

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Puppy went missing…

Puppy, dogDream: I have a 5 month old puppy. In my dream my puppy went missing. Every time I thought I saw him it wasn’t him. It was like I was finding all his brothers and sisters or ones that resembled him, but it was never him.

DreamsMaster: Before you fell asleep, do you recall having anything on your mind related to your puppy? For example, had you made a mental note of a risky area in your home or on your property that you thought you should attend to, such as a broken cabinet door or a hole underneath the fence? We often store things “in the back of our mind” that we intend to get to later but then forget about them, and these are the very things that appear in our dreams as reminders or warnings. So for starters, heed the possible literal warning in this dream and take a look around your place to be sure your puppy is safe in his surroundings.

After you’ve considered the literal meaning of the dream, next take a look at the symbolic meaning. A puppy is like a child, dependent and vulnerable. Since the puppy in your dream is your actual puppy in waking life, to dream that he’s gone missing could represent a part of yourself questioning or fearing your ability to live up to the responsibility this new parenting role demands.

In general, a puppy in a dream may represent a new relationship, one that has the potential to grow into a strong bond (dogs are known for their loyalty and being a best friend). To have a puppy or dog go missing could represent someone or something close to your heart that you are anxious about losing. It might even represent a fear of losing or “missing” the trusting, loyal, spontaneous part of yourself.

Interesting that in the dream you saw lots of other puppies that resembled yours, but you knew it was never him. The attachment you have to your puppy – your new relationship – this part of yourself – is genuine and unique. There is no replacement, and your loyalty to this being is as strong as a dog’s loyalty would be to you.

In summary, if this were my dream, the underlying message may be to stay alert to my needs and those I care about, and to not take them for granted. If left unattended, they may inadvertently stray.

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Fiancé cheating and threatening me…

Threatening, cheatingDream:  I have had two dreams of my fiancé having an affair and or leaving me. The first dream I dreamed that he was cheating on me and I tried to leave him and then he pulled his shotgun on me and said that he would kill me if I left him. The second dream I dreamed that he left me and said that I was too boring and took too many pictures. What do these mean?!!

DreamsMaster:  Let’s take each of these dreams individually, then look at the possible connection between them…

In the first dream, your fiancé is cheating on you and threatens to kill you if you leave him. There are strong themes of Trust and Control here, or more precisely, the lack of both.

In the second dream, he said you were “boring and took too many pictures”. If this were my dream, that statement would represent an accusation that I tend to be an observer in life more than a participant. Since your fiancé is your own projection in this dream, I would consider this being a form of self-criticism. Do you have concerns about being too passive in your life or in this relationship?

Considering both of these dreams together, the key question I have for you is, do you trust this man that you intend to marry? The follow-on question is, do you trust that marrying this person is truly in your best interest, or are you feeling threatened by a sense of powerlessness and lack of control in the relationship?

Our dreams are our inner detective at work. If you’ve been sensing that this man has been emotionally distancing from you or has been acting in a controlling manner that from the outside appears caring but on the inside feels oppressive, these dreams may be sending you a warning that this relationship is not right for you.

On the other hand, if you cannot relate to the above and you sincerely do trust this man, then these dreams may represent some deep set insecurity that you don’t feel worthy of being in a relationship, thus setting up scenarios to try to sabotage it.

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Wife cheating…

wife cheating, having an affairDream:   I have had this dream 3 or 4 times of my wife cheating on me.  What Is IT ????

DreamsMaster:  There are a few ways this dream can be interpreted.

1) It’s possible your inner detective (your intuition) is picking up clues that your wife is emotionally distancing herself from you and this marriage, and this intuition is playing out in your dreams as her cheating on you.

2) It’s also possible that in the back of your mind you’ve been picking up signs of her having an actual affair, and your dreaming mind is bringing it to the forefront to get you past your denial.

3) Another possibility is that the dream is not about your wife’s feelings or actions, but instead represents your own insecurity or lack of confidence and sense of control within this relationship.

Check out other dreams about Cheating in the dreams.com library, and see if there are more clues here for you.

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