Bit by a snake…  I had a dream that I was at a friend’s house. She left this snake in a large see through cylinder and it managed to get out. I ran to the back door. It was coming towards me. I was afraid. But something told me not to be afraid. I peeked around the corner and it bit me in the forearm.

DreamsMaster:  A number of interesting possibilities with this dream. Some things to consider…

Is the friend in the dream someone you know and trust in your waking world? A snake in a dream often represents something or someone not to be trusted.

In this dream, you were aware of the danger (see-through cylinder), you started to run away from it, you chose not to be afraid, and you then got bit.

Looking at this sequence of events, do you recognize a common thread in your waking life currently? In other words, is there an obvious danger or untrustworthy individual in your environment that you’re choosing to ignore, but may be putting yourself at risk by doing so?

It’s a positive sign that you were able to face the fear and take a peek at the unknown. Keep your eyes open.