What does it mean to dream about rats?

Rat under the bed…

RatDream:  I was in this old dirty house and a rat ran under the bed.

DreamsMaster: This dream is quite possibly a warning that your health and well-being may be at risk.

There are two primary symbols: a house and a rat.

Symbolically, a house in a dream often represents one’s self. In your dream, this house is “old” and “dirty”.

A rat often represents disease. Depending on your personal association to a rat, it may also represent someone not to be trusted.

Perhaps you’re not practicing good self-care by over-indulging in food, drugs or alcohol. If so, the dream may be warning you to use better judgment before your world starts crumbling around and within you.

If you feel you are indeed practicing good self-care, then the dream could be warning you of some other possible threat to your general well-being. It could be in the form of a disease lurking within your system, and if you’ve been experiencing physical symptoms, I encourage you to consult a doctor.  The threat could also be coming from a person in your life who is unhealthy for you to be around.

Consider these options I’ve presented and contemplate other possibilities that come to mind as you read this. Only the dreamer can determine the true meaning of a dream, but my gut tells me this is a dream requiring some action on your part in order to steer clear of danger.

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