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Hummingbird landed on my shoulder…

HummingbirdDream: I dreamed that a hummingbird landed on my shoulder and let me pet it.

DreamsMaster: Ah, what nice symbolism! As I frequently state, only the dreamer can interpret his or her own dream, but I can offer as guidance my personal projections.

A hummingbird is known for being in constant motion, flitting about from one source of sweetness to the next, rarely alighting or staying fixed in one place for longer than a few moments.

Then there’s the actual name of this delicate creature: a humming-bird. This musical reference could be a dream pun or metaphor, a clue to what the bird symbolizes to you personally.

Symbolically, the hummingbird could represent a part of you that tends to be rapidly on the move, drinking in the nectar of life, but is now taking time to pause and reflect. At the same time, another part of you is supportive of this shift, as evidenced by your reaching out to “pet” it.

The hummingbird may also represent another person or situation in your life that has felt fleeting or intangible in some ways, and is now becoming more trusting of intimacy.

Consider these possibilities and explore any others that have been triggered while reading this. My sense is that you have strong intuition, and this little hummingbird may be a harbinger of good fortune.

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Seeing money in my dreams…

seeing moneyDream: For the past three days I’ve been seeing money in my dreams.

DreamsMaster: Money in a dream is often symbolic of your own value or worth. It may also represent good fortune coming your way. A key question is what you mean by “seeing money”. What seeing money in your dream means depends on the context. If you are finding money on the ground, for example, it could represent good fortune coming your way through unexpected sources. If you see money in the hands of others but not yourself, you may be sensing others are getting recognized for their valuable contributions but not you.

Think about the feelings you have in the dream surrounding the money, and also consider what’s been on your mind this past week that may have to do with your value or self-worth. Since this is a repetitive dream, something in your subconscious is working hard to get your attention. Once you identify the message, determine a course of action you can take to honor it.

If the message of the dream continues to escape you, when you next lay down to sleep ask yourself for another clarifying dream. Here’s a link to a page on Dreams.com that provides information on how to plant a dream seed, also known as dream incubation.

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Fish and fortune…

fish and fortuneDream:  Eating cooked but not ready fish

DreamsMaster:  Fish and fortune usually go hand-in-hand when it comes to dream interpretation. Fish in dreams often symbolize faith and fertility as well. It’s interesting that in this particular dream the fish is cooked but not ready. This could represent your faith, fortune or fertility (which could also represent creativity) is not yet fully developed, but is on the path. Give it a little more time.

Dream:  I dreamed of an open sea… I saw lots of big fishes… then we cooked heads of big shrimps, squids and other fishes

DreamsMaster:  Although every dream is personal to the dreamer and only the dreamer can truly interpret it, my sense is that this dream is a sign of riches ahead for you. An open sea could represent endless possibilities, while catching big fishes to feast on could represent the bounty ahead.


Additional note: Although dreams about fish or eating fish often symbolically represent good fortune or fertility, sometimes a dream about eating fish has a literal meaning. The body could be craving certain qualities of fish such as omega-3 fatty acids, which are believed to have important benefits to the heart and even to infant development during pregnancy. In this case, a dream about eating fish could be a message to the dreamer to add fish to the dreamer’s diet.

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Chased by an elephant…

ElephantDream: I have been chased by an elephant.

DreamsMaster: In general, an elephant often symbolizes strength and wisdom. An elephant is also associated with strong memory. In some cultures, an elephant has spiritual significance and may represent good fortune. The real question is, what does an elephant mean to you personally? How would you describe an elephant to someone who had never seen one? Not just its appearance, but also its personality? As you describe the elephant, think of how you personally identify with these traits. The elephant could represent these aspects of yourself that you find unacceptable or threatening and are trying to avoid facing.

There’s also the expression “an elephant in the room”, which refers to something of obvious concern that people are refusing to acknowledge. If you are familiar with this expression, explore the possibility that the dream could represent a major concern in your life that you’ve been trying to ignore but is “chasing after you” for attention.

Another way to work with this dream is to imagine asking the elephant why it is pursuing you, what it wants from you. This dialog between your conscious and unconscious self may reveal some interesting new awareness.

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