Dream Incubation Questions

Dream incubationWhat is Dream Incubation?

Dream incubation is like planting a seed in your unconscious for a specific dream to grow. To use dream incubation for problem-solving, clarify the specific problem or issue at hand by following these three steps:

1) State the nature of the unresolved problem, issue, concern or question that you would like to dream on.

2) Next, answer each of the questions below, and any others that come to mind along the way:

– What do you see as the causes of the issue or concern?
– Why is this issue so important to you?
– What do you hope to gain by resolving the issue?
– What have you tried consciously, and why hasn’t it proved satisfactory?
– How are you benefiting from keeping the problem unresolved?
– What would you be willing to give or give up to have the problem resolved?
– What are your fears connected to this concern?
– What are you feeling as you write about all this?

3) Now, compose a one-line statement that captures the nature of your request, and place it at your bedside on the night you plan to sleep on it.

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For we, and only we, are the painters of our dream pictures, and learning to understand our dreams is a matter of learning to understand our heart’s language.

– Ann Faraday, The Dream Game