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how write a dating profileDream: This dream I had last night. I dreamed I was falling and I was so frightened. But I started to take control of my fear and landed safely. When I looked around me I saw cats everywhere and I felt safe again.

DreamsMaster: What a great dream! To have an experience of falling – the essence of feeling ungrounded, lacking support, out of control – and then to convert that experience into taking control of your fear and landing safely is a very powerful dream experience, which you can now take and translate to your waking world. In other words, you now know on a deeper level how to control your thoughts and emotions in such a way as to convert fear into positive action.

Cats in a dream commonly symbolize feminine energy, as well as power and freedom. To me, a cat also symbolizes independence (similar to freedom) and wisdom. More important is what cats mean to you. Think about how you would describe a cat, and then look at that description and consider how those traits may be aspects of yourself – aspects that contribute to your sense of safety in the world.

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Skunk turns nasty…

White skunkDream: I am in my house. I have a beautiful white skunk in the house. The skunk loves to be patted by everyone and acts more like a cat, rubbing against my legs. Then all of a sudden the skunk turns nasty…biting me and others. I attempt many times to evict the skunk from the house and every time the skunk reappears back in the house trying to bite. My ex husband of 25 years appears, grabs the skunk by the nape and drowns the skunk in a lake that has just appeared. I cry because I didn’t want the skunk to die…I just wanted it to stop biting. I dreamed this 3 times last night.

DreamsMaster: A powerful dream with a powerful message, based on the repetitive nature of the dream and the emotional impact it made. Let’s see what we can do to unearth that message.

The skunk is the focal point of the dream, the main symbol to explore. I will project some of my own meanings onto that skunk, but remember it’s up to you to determine what fits best. As you read on, pay attention to what thoughts and feelings come to the surface for you.

A skunk is generally known for its guarded, protective nature. It’s also sometimes considered the ultimate pacifist, as it’s generally nonviolent and unaggressive and relies on its repulsive scent to ward off others that are considered a threat.

The skunk in your dream is beautiful, pure (white), affectionate, loving. More like a cat, which is often considered a symbol of femininity. This initial image of the skunk is warm and inviting, and easy to embrace.

Suddenly the skunk becomes nasty, biting. It’s as if this loving, trusting being has suddenly turned mean, bitter, “stinky”, inconsolable. Like a preverbal child, the only way it can communicate its displeasure or discomfort is through its behavior. I wonder, if the skunk could talk, what would it be trying to communicate?

Consider now that this skunk is a representation of you. A beautiful, gentle, loving spirit, with another side that is angry, biting, trying to get your attention. This “nasty” side is unacceptable to you and to others in your space. Do other adjectives come to mind for you in regards to how you would describe this skunk?

It’s interesting that in the dream your ex-husband takes charge of the situation by drowning the problem. Water in a dream often represents one’s emotional state. From your perspective, was your ex-husband someone who tended to suppress (drown) uncomfortable emotions, in himself as well as in you?

Think back to the events of the day before the dream and what was on your mind when you went to bed that night. This may help bring additional clarity. My sense is that the core message is about self-acceptance, and there’s still some unpleasant grief inside needing expression.

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Blue spider crawling in my bed…

Blue spider crawling in my bedDream:   I had a dream about a blue spider crawling in my bed.

DreamsMaster:   There are three symbols to consider in this dream. Let’s look at each individually, then pull together a theme.

⇒ Spider:  Since spiders are generally associated with webs, dreaming about a spider often represents a sense of being “caught in a web” or feeling trapped or manipulated. On the other hand, a spider is also often associated with creativity and femininity.

Many people have an instinctive fear of spiders. Do you? Did the image of the spider in your dream evoke a sense of fear and panic, or did you feel something else as you watched it crawl in your bed?

⇒ Blue: It’s significant that you distinctly remember the spider being the color blue. Although it’s believed that most dreams are in color, we only tend to remember a color if it particularly stands out to us. If you’re familiar with spiders and know that some are blue, then for you a blue spider may represent the qualities you know those blue spiders to have (for example, some blue spiders are poisonous).

On the other hand, if you are not familiar with different types of spiders, then the color blue would be more symbolic. Generally speaking, the color blue often symbolizes peace and tranquility, as well as freedom and inspiration. Blue is also the color of the throat chakra, which represents communication and creativity. If you were to see a blue spider in the waking world, would you find it fearful or beautiful? Seeing a fearful creature crawling in your bed would have much different meaning from seeing a beautiful or awesome creature crawling in your bed. For example, if you find this blue spider to be fascinating and intriguing, it could mean that your creative side will soon spin a fantastic masterpiece.

⇒ Bed:  A bed is a place where we rest and rejuvenate, and also a place where we dream (both literally and metaphorically). A bed is frequently associated with relationships and intimacy as well.

Now, put all this together into a theme that fits for you, and consider the message within. For example:

– Have you been experiencing creative urges? If so, the dream may be confirming that now is the time to engage your creative energy.

– Are you in relationship with someone you suspect may be toxic or manipulative? Perhaps you hadn’t considered this yet, but the dream may be your intuition sending you a warning.

Think of what was on your mind the night you had the dream, and see if you can connect it to any of these ideas. Also, think about the feeling you had in the dream, and try to associate it with that feeling in your waking world. A connection between the two will come to you, if it hasn’t already.

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Cats biting toes…

Dreams about cats, cats biting toesDream:  My sister and I are sleeping but I woke up because our cats are biting our toes. I tried to shoo away the cats but they are not going away and continued biting me.

DreamsMaster:  If the cats in your dream are your actual cats in the waking world, it’s possible the dream has more of a literal interpretation than a symbolic one. Your cats are insistent upon getting your attention, trying to stir you to action. Have you been questioning the well-being of your cats lately? Have you been tending to their needs, such as giving them plenty of water and keeping their litter box clean?

On a symbolic level, cats in dreams often represent our feminine side, and to be awaken by cats could symbolize a personal awakening to one’s femininity. Cats also symbolize intuition. In this dream, the cats are persistently biting at your toes and you’re trying to shoo them away. If it were my dream, I’d interpret this to mean that there’s resistance to accepting these developing aspects of myself. Also, since your sister is in the dream sleeping alongside you, it’s possible you recognize she’s unconscious about these developing aspects of herself as well.

In general, it appears that your dreaming mind is trying to give you a “wake-up call” to take care of some business. If it’s not literally about your cats, then think of what else in your daily life has been nagging at you, and will not go away until you give it your full attention.

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Two cats and a tiger…

Countryside, cats and a tigerDream:  I had a dream away from home at another house in the country side.  Went for walk on return saw two cats at the front gate with their heads cuts off.  Then a tiger passes by very calmly not doing or attacking.

DreamsMaster:  Here are some ideas of what these symbols may represent. As you read through them, think about what fits for you personally.

– House: our core self, particularly our security and safety.

– Cats: in general, a cat often represents power and freedom, especially for females; it may also represent femininity.

– Tiger: a tiger often signifies dignity and power; it may also represent feelings or emotions that frighten you.

Insert these symbols into the theme of the dream, like this:

Went for walk (stepped away from my core sense of self and security)… on return saw two cats at the front gate with their heads cuts off (diminished sense of femininity, power, freedom)… Then a tiger passes by very calmly not doing or attacking (dignity, power, frightening emotions).

Pulling it all together, perhaps the dream is telling you there may be risks if you let your guard down and stray too far from your core identity, but you can overcome them by maintaining your sense of dignity and personal power.

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