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Dreamed that I married my ex…

married my exDream: I had a dream that I married my ex. What does this mean?

DreamsMaster: A dream about marrying your ex can have different meanings, depending in part on the circumstances surrounding the relationship and how it ended. Here are some ideas to consider.

If you are still in love with your ex or hoping to get back together, the dream could be playing out a sense of “wish fulfillment” that dreams often do. It doesn’t necessarily mean this is what you actually think you want in your waking world, but instead may be a quiet wish of the heart buried in your unconscious dreaming mind.

If you are still grieving the loss of the relationship, dreaming of getting married could be related to your innermost mind still working through the grief process, particularly the stage of grief commonly referred to as Denial – that sense that the end has not really occurred. Another stage of grief that may be in play is what’s known as the Bargaining stage – the “what if’s” and “if only’s” that can sometimes consume us. For example, in the case of dreaming about marrying one’s ex, the mind may be stuck on tapes like, “If only I hadn’t done ______, we might still be on a path to marriage.”

A key piece of information is missing from your dream submission, which is how you felt in the dream about marrying your ex. If the feeling was that of love and excitement, then dreaming about marrying your ex may fit with one of the interpretations above. However, it the feeling in the dream was unhappiness or even dread, then the dream may be reflecting a sense of powerlessness or lack of control when it comes to getting attached to unhealthy relationships.

If you do not still have an emotional attachment to your ex one way or another, to dream of getting married could symbolize that you identify very closely with certain personality traits in your ex, or perhaps with something to do with their lifestyle. Getting married in a dream often symbolically represents joining together with some unconscious aspect of oneself, or transitioning from one stage in life to another.

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I am at a wedding, a Roman Catholic service…

at a weddingDream: I am at a wedding, a very large wedding. There seems to be a Roman Catholic service in progress. I meet a cousin that was deceiving in the past and embrace her, then I turn to my mother and take off my wedding ring (I am happily married) and give it to my mother to keep. What does this dream mean or reveal?

DreamsMaster: A wedding in a dream often symbolizes transition and new beginnings. The presence of the Roman Catholic service is quite significant, though its specific significance is dependent on your personal association to the Roman Catholic religion. Regardless, it’s a spiritual symbol, so the wedding likely represents a spiritual transition.

Depending on how close you are with this cousin that appears in the dream, the way you describe the scene appears to represent forgiveness. It could be genuine forgiveness of the cousin herself, or it could be forgiveness of an aspect of yourself that was “deceiving” in the past.

You take off your wedding ring and give it to your mother to keep. This may be symbolic of your lasting commitment to your mother as her devoted son. This act may also symbolize your elevation to a greater level of maturity and obligation in both the physical and spiritual realm.

Putting it all together, stated as if it were my dream:

I am in a state of spiritual transition. I experience this through transforming negative judgment lodged in the past to present-day forgiveness, as well as by honoring my role as a faithful son.

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Cut the cord…

Cut the cordDream: My dad passed away going on two years now. I dreamt that I was at a wedding and I walked upstairs and into my grandmother’s bedroom (my dad’s mother who is also deceased). I saw a figure lying in her bed with the covers pulled up over the head. I pulled the covers down and it was my dad. My first time dreaming about him since he passed away. He was asleep and never opened his eyes. In a joking way he asked me why did I make him cut the cord. Then he says “You know you’ re pregnant right? and it’s a boy.” Then at the end of the dream I was carrying a baby boy that appeared to be my dad.

DreamsMaster: My sense is this is a very special dream. It has elements of healing and new life, and also has the feel of a visitation, as if your dad’s spirit has actually found its way to you through your dream.

When I project myself into your dream, these themes call out to me:

– Wedding: A transition to a new chapter in life.

– Cut the cord: Also a transition, from parent-child dependence to independence.

– Pregnant: Creation of new life, bringing new life into the world. This could be literal, if you’re in a stage of life where having a child is a possibility, or it could be a metaphor for a new sense of self evolving inside you.

– Carrying a baby boy that may be your dad: Similar to the theme of pregnancy, this could have literal meaning as well as metaphorical meaning. In a literal sense, you may be carrying a child that has your dad’s spirit within. In a metaphorical sense, this could represent your new role in life… whereas once you were dependent on your father to carry you or take care of you, now the tables are turned — you are the adult and it’s up to you to be in the adult, care-giving role.

All of these images represent transition and new life. The fact that this is the first time you’ve had a dream about your dad since he passed away says to me that you are transitioning to a new level of acceptance in regards to the cycle of grief and loss. Death and birth are interrelated. Death is an ending, and birth a beginning. This dream appears to me as a gift signifying new beginnings for you.

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