Dream Interpretation

dream interpretationWhat Your Dreams Mean

Albert Einstein was credited as having said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Imagination and creativity are the forces that weave our dreams; they are also the keys to unlocking the mysteries of these nocturnal scenes. Here are some suggestions for interpreting your dreams – use the links to get more detailed information.

Dream Interpretation Techniques

1) Try to associate dream events and feelings with the previous day’s and night’s events, thoughts, and feelings. The majority of our dreams relate to our own personal current events, many of them quite ordinary but still serving to reveal us to ourselves.  Read more…

2) Look for literal meanings first. Before diving right into deep metaphorical and symbolic interpretations, take a look at the dream contents at face value to see what is being conveyed.  Read more…

3) Look for metaphors and figures of speech. When literal interpretations or explanations for a dream don’t seem to fit, the next step is to look for metaphors and figures of speech within the symbols or actions of the dream.  Read more

4) Find the theme. The theme is a short statement about what is taking place in the dream. Focus on the action in the dream, and then use general words to replace specific places, objects, and people.  Read more

5) Look for “shadow” figures. Our “shadow” figures in a dream are people or things that symbolically represent parts of ourselves that we may have disowned and projected onto others.  Read more

6) Role-play your dream images and symbols. Become one of the characters or objects in the dream and describe yourself in detail.  Read more

7) Underline significant words or symbols, free associate meanings to each, and then rewrite your dream using the theme and associations.  Read more…

8) Fantasize an outcome to an unresolved dream. Through fantasy, the conscious and subconscious parts of our minds can work together to draw valuable conclusions.  Read more

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No dream symbol can be separated from the individual who dreams it, and there is no definite or straightforward interpretation of any dream.

– Carl Jung, Man and His Symbols