Dream Interpretation Technique #1

dream interpretation technique oneDream Interpretation

Dreams.com offers eight specific techniques for interpreting your dreams. Here is dream interpretation technique one…

Dream Interpretation Tip #1

Try to associate dream events and feelings with the previous day’s and night’s events, thoughts, and feelings. The majority of our dreams relate to our own personal current events, many of them quite ordinary but still serving to reveal us to ourselves.

One morning I woke from a particularly scary dream in which I was in my bed frantically trying to avoid several sets of very pale, white arms reaching through the window above, grabbing at me. Later that day I told the dream to a friend of mine who promptly replied with a loving note of sarcasm, “I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that we watched Night of the Living Dead last night!” Though I didn’t allow myself to be scared by this “silly” horror movie while viewing it with friends, my feelings didn’t escape the watchful eye of my dreaming self.

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Given that the dreaming brain must perform these remarkable contortions – creating a world, living in it, responding to it, and then carefully blocking all the responses in a manner that does not cross the threshold of awareness – it is no wonder that this dreaming brain seems to be more active than the waking brain.

– William Dement, The Sleepwatchers