What does it mean to dream about birds?

Hummingbird landed on my shoulder…

HummingbirdDream: I dreamed that a hummingbird landed on my shoulder and let me pet it.

DreamsMaster: Ah, what nice symbolism! As I frequently state, only the dreamer can interpret his or her own dream, but I can offer as guidance my personal projections.

A hummingbird is known for being in constant motion, flitting about from one source of sweetness to the next, rarely alighting or staying fixed in one place for longer than a few moments.

Then there’s the actual name of this delicate creature: a humming-bird. This musical reference could be a dream pun or metaphor, a clue to what the bird symbolizes to you personally.

Symbolically, the hummingbird could represent a part of you that tends to be rapidly on the move, drinking in the nectar of life, but is now taking time to pause and reflect. At the same time, another part of you is supportive of this shift, as evidenced by your reaching out to “pet” it.

The hummingbird may also represent another person or situation in your life that has felt fleeting or intangible in some ways, and is now becoming more trusting of intimacy.

Consider these possibilities and explore any others that have been triggered while reading this. My sense is that you have strong intuition, and this little hummingbird may be a harbinger of good fortune.

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