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Put on someone’s false tooth…

false toothDream: I dreamt that I put on someone’s false tooth and when I took it off my tooth fell out.

DreamsMaster: A tooth in a dream may represent one’s appearance or image, and it may also represent one’s sense of strength.

If the tooth was in the front of your mouth, putting on someone else’s false tooth could symbolize wearing another’s identity instead of being true to yourself. That your own tooth fell out after you took off the false tooth could mean that you’re at risk of losing your own identity completely if you continue to hide behind someone else’s.

If the tooth was a molar in the back of your mouth, then instead of the dream message having to do with assuming a false identity, it’s possible the message is about borrowing on someone else’s strength. Losing your own tooth after taking off the false one could symbolize that you’ve come to rely so heavily on another’s strength, that you no longer trust your own.

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Blood spotting…

blood spottingDream: I had a dream that I was blood spotting. Can you please tell me what this dream is all about?

DreamsMaster: I’m guessing that by “blood spotting” you mean spotting in the middle of your menstrual cycle. If so, start by looking for any literal meaning. For example:

  • If you are pregnant, check with your doctor to rule out any problems with the pregnancy.
  • If you no longer have menstrual cycles and pregnancy is not a possibility, check with your doctor to rule out any gynecological concerns.

Have you been experiencing any symptoms in your waking world, such as cramping or any other type of pain in your abdomen? It’s possible your dreaming mind is pulling together clues that you’ve been dismissing during your daily life, trying to get your attention.

If the literal angle doesn’t fit, next look at what “blood spotting” may mean to you symbolically. Blood in dreams often symbolizes our life force. Along these lines, “blood spotting” could be a metaphor for losing some of your personal power or strength, either literally or figuratively.

What emotion did you experience in the dream when you became aware of the blood spotting? Were you scared, curious, detached? Does the feeling in the dream resemble any feeling you experienced in your waking world recently? Most of our dreams relate to what was on our mind when we went to sleep, so considering your thoughts and feelings ahead of the dream may provide you with more clues.

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Chased by lions…

Chased by lionsDream:  Being chased by lions and being bit from behind. My young son has been dreaming this over and over for a month or so.

DreamsMaster: A lion generally symbolizes strength, power, courage, pride and leadership. It may also symbolize cruelty, especially if it has turned on you. The core question is whether the lions in this repetitive dream represent certain others in your son’s life that he’s feeling threatened by, or if they represent another aspect in his life or a trait in himself that he’s trying to run away from.

The fact that this dream began about a month or so ago is a significant clue to its meaning. Have your son think back on what started happening in his life back then. Did something of concern occur at school? For example, is he being bullied by someone he perceives to be a leader of an intimating group? If he cannot identify any external threat like this, ask him what else he may feel threatened by, such as overwhelming demands of school and fearing falling behind (“being bit from behind”). Most likely an event in his daily life triggered this feeling of being threatened, and the threat persists.

Regardless of whether the perceived threat is external or internal, work with your son to draw on the lion’s courage and transform the symbol from a threat to a friend. Have him draw a picture of a lion that represents strength, power and protection, and then encourage him to hang the picture where he can look at it frequently. Once he can tap into his own personal power and with your support face the threat head on, the dreams will become less threatening and likely cease altogether.

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Teeth rotting…

teeth rotting, self-imageDream: Have to meet a lady in a community place to see my children, teeth rotting in front.

DreamsMaster:  A dream about teeth rotting in front could be a metaphor for the expression “to lose face”, implying the loss of respect from others. I don’t know you or your life situation, but if this were my dream, it would mean that I feel have done something irresponsible in regards to my role as a parent, and I am feeling exposed and ashamed about it. If this interpretation fits for you, I’d take it a step further and suggest that the takeaway message is to reverse the tide and find a way to “save face” – do the needful to regain your dignity, and become the person your children would be honored to have as a parent.

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Tortoises inside temple…

tortoises, tortoise and hare, dream metaphor, dream symbolDream:  I see colourful multiple tortoises inside temple.

DreamsMaster:  A tortoise in a dream often symbolizes wisdom, strength and patience. Its ability to escape danger by retreating into its shell also makes it a symbol of protection and healing. In Hinduism, the tortoise is said to bear the burden of the whole world on his back, and was the second of Lord Vishnu’s numerous avatars.

Since the tortoises in your dream are inside a temple, they could represent the strength and diversity of your own personal foundation and spirituality. The dream may also be directing you toward your calling – consider the idea that the tortoise represents your own traits of wisdom, strength, patience and healing. How could you put these marvelous aspects into action?

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