Dreamt that a couple was murdered…

couple was murderedDream: Yesterday morning I dreamt that a couple was murdered. They weren’t anyone I knew. It wasn’t a shocking dream, though, because in the dream I felt that I’d seen it all before. It was as though I was just acting a part in a play, the script of which I already knew. What does this mean?

DreamsMaster: Since the couple in your dream were people you don’t know, the dream is likely symbolic of your own relationships. In the dream you felt you’d seen it all before. Do you feel you have a pattern of “killing off” your relationships? Are you currently in a relationship that you anticipate running the same course, in that you’re playing a familiar role? If these questions feel like they’re hitting the mark, the dream could be a message from your innermost self advising that if you want to be in an enduring relationship, you need to start reading from a different script.

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