What does it mean to dream about celebrities or about someone famous, like a movie star or the president?

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hookup kamloopsDream:  I dreamed about shaking hands with the president and having a lively conversation with him.

DreamsMaster:  A president generally represents someone with power and control. To shake hands with the president in a dream could mean that you’re getting in touch with your own inner power and have a sense of control over your life right now. The fact that the two of you are engaged in lively conversation suggests that this sense of power and control are manifesting in your life in the areas of creativity and communication.

Is it clear in the dream which president, specifically, you are shaking hands with? If so, is he the president of the country you currently reside in, or does he preside over a different country? Is this president someone whose political views you generally agree with, or not? These additional pieces of information can add further clarity to the dream’s meaning. For example, if it’s a president you associate with a specific political position that you’ve protested in the past, shaking hands with him in your dream may mean your position or attitude about that subject has become more aligned with his.

When you awoke from the dream, did you have any recollection of the conversation itself? Also, was this “lively conversation” friendly in nature, or was there an edge of conflict or hostility? The nature and tone of the dialog could shed additional light on the dream’s meaning as well.

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Married to a TV star…

dreams about celebrities, dream about TV starDream: In my dream I’m married to Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice and he is very nice and protective of me.

DreamsMaster: To understand what this dream means, start by thinking about how you would describe Sonny Crockett to someone who never heard of him. For example, if it were my dream, I would use the following adjectives to describe this character:

Sonny Crockett = attractive, intelligent, brave, maintains law & order, upholds justice, takes part in the war against drugs

Those are my own projections onto that character. What would you add or change in your description?

Next, think about how you personally identify with those character traits. The fact that you’re married to this person represents a level of intimacy or identification with him – the two of you are “joined together” on some level.

You also mention that he’s very “nice and protective” of you. Perhaps a part of you wishes for a person like this to enter your life and take care of you. But in reality, these traits you admire in Sonny Crockett are actually present within you – you don’t need to look outside yourself to find them. Be Sonny Crockett, and you’ll attract a Sonny Crockett into your life!

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