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People often ask, “What are the best dream interpretation books?” If you’re looking for a dreams dictionary, a book with concrete definitions of dream symbols, this isn’t the list for you. But if you’re looking for helpful dreams resources that can guide you toward understanding your own personal dream messages, read on…

  • Bernard, Arthur. God Has No Edges, Dreams Have No Boundaries: Unlocking the Power of the Inner Mind. Wheatmark, 2008.
  • Delaney, Gayle. Breakthrough Dreaming. Bantam Books, 1991.
  • Dement, William. The Sleepwatchers. Dement, 1991; Nychthemeron Press, 1996.
  • Faraday, Ann. Dream Power. Berkley Books, 1972.
  • Faraday, Ann. The Dream Game. Harper and Row, 1974.
  • Garfield, Patricia. Creative Dreaming. Ballantine Books, 1974.
  • Garfield, Patricia. The Dream Messenger: How Dreams of the Departed Bring Healing Gifts. Simon & Schuster, 1997.
  • Gendlin, Eugene. Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams. Chiron, 1986.
  • Gilbert, Laynee. The Complete Dream Journal. Pomegranate, 1992, 2005; L.O.A. Publications, 2014 (Kindle edition)
  • Gilbert, Laynee. I Remember You: A Grief Journal. Harper SanFrancisco, 1995; L.O.A. Publications, 2000 (hardcover), 2014 (Kindle edition)
  • LaBerge, Stephen. Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. Ballantine Books, 1991.
  • Taylor, Jeremy. Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill. Warner Books, 1992.
  • Wiseman, Anne Sayre. Nightmare Help. Ten Speed Press, 1989.

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Dr. Arthur Bernard

Dreams Specialist & Author

Arthur Bernard, dreams specialist

1934 – 2014

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I have always said to my pupils: “Learn as much as you can about symbolism; then forget it when you are analyzing a dream.”

– Carl Jung, Man and His Symbols


Sofia UniversitySofia University

IASD Conference 2018International Association for the Study of Dreams


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Have you ever dreamt about failing an exam? If so, you’re in good company. In a database of surveys that ask if people have ever dreamed about certain topics, 45% of respondents said they’d dreamt about failing an examination. The data also shows that women are more likely than men to have these dreams, suggesting that the oppression of the patriarchy may haunt us in our sleeping thoughts. Read more

DreamsAreTrueDreams Don’t Come True, They ARE True

Some years ago, a Johns Hopkins University study found that pregnant women who had an intuition about the sex of their baby were correct 70% of the time—but women who had a dream about the sex of their baby were correct 100% of the time! Read more

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