What does it mean to dream about sports, like playing soccer or winning at rugby?

ubc dating  I’ve been having this recurring dream for five years. In this dream, I’m playing a soccer match. In all these dreams I’m the main player who tries to score goals for my team. In the early days we used to lose our games. Recently, we are winning while playing beautifully.

DreamsMaster: Congratulations! Somewhere in your life, starting about five years ago, you were being met with a challenge that you did not feel you were living up to. But over time you have become more capable and confident about meeting this challenge, and now you are at the top of your game!

I don’t know what the soccer match represents to you personally, but the fact that you’ve turned from losing to “winning while playing beautifully” is a very nice metaphor in your life right now. Enjoy that winning feeling!

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Winning at rugby…

winning at rugbyDream:  I dreamt I was playing rugby and was running through the opposition scoring a lot of points, even kicking for goals… the match wasn’t finished and the opposition stopped the game.

DreamsMaster: What I see in your dream is this metaphor: you’re playing at the top of your game. You’re in command, overcoming all obstacles.

In the dream, did you feel that the opposition stopped the game because they surrendered? Or did it feel as if that was their way of gaining control over the situation?

In your waking world today, do you feel that you’re confidently achieving your goals? Do you also have the sense that there are others competing with you, trying to stop you in your tracks?

I suggest the dream’s message for you is to embrace the feeling of confidence in your endeavors, and don’t let the opposition or competition deter you from reaching your goals.

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