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Dreamed that I married my ex…

married my exDream: I had a dream that I married my ex. What does this mean?

DreamsMaster: A dream about marrying your ex can have different meanings, depending in part on the circumstances surrounding the relationship and how it ended. Here are some ideas to consider.

If you are still in love with your ex or hoping to get back together, the dream could be playing out a sense of “wish fulfillment” that dreams often do. It doesn’t necessarily mean this is what you actually think you want in your waking world, but instead may be a quiet wish of the heart buried in your unconscious dreaming mind.

If you are still grieving the loss of the relationship, dreaming of getting married could be related to your innermost mind still working through the grief process, particularly the stage of grief commonly referred to as Denial – that sense that the end has not really occurred. Another stage of grief that may be in play is what’s known as the Bargaining stage – the “what if’s” and “if only’s” that can sometimes consume us. For example, in the case of dreaming about marrying one’s ex, the mind may be stuck on tapes like, “If only I hadn’t done ______, we might still be on a path to marriage.”

A key piece of information is missing from your dream submission, which is how you felt in the dream about marrying your ex. If the feeling was that of love and excitement, then dreaming about marrying your ex may fit with one of the interpretations above. However, it the feeling in the dream was unhappiness or even dread, then the dream may be reflecting a sense of powerlessness or lack of control when it comes to getting attached to unhealthy relationships.

If you do not still have an emotional attachment to your ex one way or another, to dream of getting married could symbolize that you identify very closely with certain personality traits in your ex, or perhaps with something to do with their lifestyle. Getting married in a dream often symbolically represents joining together with some unconscious aspect of oneself, or transitioning from one stage in life to another.

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Dreamt that a couple was murdered…

couple was murderedDream: Yesterday morning I dreamt that a couple was murdered. They weren’t anyone I knew. It wasn’t a shocking dream, though, because in the dream I felt that I’d seen it all before. It was as though I was just acting a part in a play, the script of which I already knew. What does this mean?

DreamsMaster: Since the couple in your dream were people you don’t know, the dream is likely symbolic of your own relationships. In the dream you felt you’d seen it all before. Do you feel you have a pattern of “killing off” your relationships? Are you currently in a relationship that you anticipate running the same course, in that you’re playing a familiar role? If these questions feel like they’re hitting the mark, the dream could be a message from your innermost self advising that if you want to be in an enduring relationship, you need to start reading from a different script.

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Everything I want in a man…

everything I want in a manDream: I dream about a man who is everything I want in a man, very loving, caring, sweet. He has dark hair, beautiful blue eyes, tall. I feel so happy when I am with him in this dream. I’m with a man I’m not happy with in real life. Is this dream telling me to move on and maybe someone like this will enter my life?

DreamsMaster: Our dreams are gifts from our innermost selves. When we’re unhappy in our waking world, our dreams often provide balance by providing us with an experience of bliss.

Is the dream telling you to move on? Will someone like this enter your waking life? My guess is that these are questions you’ve been pondering quite a bit these days, and the dream is shining a light on your heart’s desire. It’s also quite possible the dream is your intuition telling you that indeed, this man is out there for you. On the other hand, the dream could be more symbolic than literal, in that the man could represent an aspect of yourself that you need to become more intimate with in order to find a deeper sense of happiness in your life. Which of these possible interpretations do you feel fits best for you?

If your gut is telling you this dream is your intuition, the next step is up to you. It takes a lot of courage to trade the known for the unknown, and you’re the only one that can determine the right course of action for you. Your dreams are key to knowing whether or not you’re on that right course, even if life delivers some growthful challenges along the way.

If you’d like more focused guidance from your dreams, try this method called “dream incubation” – a technique I detail here: http://dreams.com/dreams-and-problem-solving

Trust your dreams – your Self – to point the way.

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Boyfriend naked and shy…

Boyfriend nakedDream: I had a dream where I saw my boyfriend naked. When he saw me, he was shy because he was naked so he faced me with his back, and then turned his face to look at me.

DreamsMaster: Nudity in a dream generally represents being exposed or vulnerable. In this dream, it’s your boyfriend who’s naked or exposed, not you. Do you feel that lately you’ve been seeing him for who he really is, beneath the surface? Has he been revealing a lot of himself to you, perhaps more than usual, and are you feeling a bit uncomfortable or shy about that?

When someone close like your boyfriend is in your dream, it’s tempting to interpret the dream as if it’s about him. But what’s important to remember is that it’s still your dream and your projections. So in this case, although he’s the one who is naked and shy about how much is being revealed, the dream is more a statement about how you feel about how much is being exposed, and about the level of intimacy growing between the two of you.

No dream symbol can be separated from the individual who dreams it, and there is no definite or straightforward interpretation of any dream.

– Carl Jung, Man and His Symbols

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He asks if I love him…

if I love him, beautiful oceanDream:   I’m in a house with an unknown person. He asks if I love him. I look out of the window and see a beautiful ocean.

DreamsMaster:   I see three main parts to this dream: An unknown person, the question of love, and a beautiful ocean. Let’s take each piece separately and then pull them together.

1) An unknown person: How would you describe this person? For example, what color hair did he have? What was he wearing? Did you find him attractive? Why or why not? Come up with at least three words to describe his personality. Does this description remind you of anyone you know today, or perhaps of someone you would like to know? Taking this a step deeper into dream symbolism, could this description fit an innermost part of you that needs more love and reassurance?

2) Love: How do you feel when he asks if you love him? Are you annoyed by the question, or do you find it romantic? Do you ponder the question, and try to decide whether or not you do have loving feelings inside? Does an answer evolve?

3) Window to a beautiful ocean: Water in a dream often represents one’s emotional state. In this dream, you’re looking at a beautiful ocean. This says to me that you’ve got a wealth of emotion inside of you, just waiting to be tapped.

Ultimately, the key to the dream’s meaning lies within you. But if this were my dream, I’d pull the pieces together this way:

There’s a part of me that needs reassurance that I’m lovable. I look outside myself for this reassurance, but in reality I can only get it from within. Once I believe in myself as being lovable, I’ll be able to unleash the emotion inside of me and fully engage in a loving relationship.

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