What does it mean to dream about a crash or crashing?

dating colorado springs  I was with my boyfriend in my dream and a plane was nose-diving right above us. It missed us and crashed behind us. After that there were other helicopters and planes crashing around us.

DreamsMaster: What feelings were you experiencing during the dream? Did you fear you and your boyfriend were in danger, or were you just observing?

Planes and helicopters are modes of flying. To fly in a dream often represents a desire to “rise above” conflict; crashing may represent falling back hard into reality. It’s possible you’ve been feeling like certain circumstances around you are spiraling out of control, perhaps threatening your relationship.

Dreaming of something crashing around you could also signify the end of an emotion or fear that was causing stress. Perhaps you and your boyfriend are finally resolving a conflict that’s been escalating between you.

Think about what was on your mind the night you had the dream. Where in your life have you been experiencing or imagining things “crashing down” around you?

Dreaming is the opportunity to hold a citizenship in two worlds, equally real but with different logic and limitations.

– William Dement, The Sleepwatchers

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Elevator falls and crashes…

Elevator fallsDream:  I’m on an elevator falling from hundreds of floors, then crashes when it hits the bottom!

DreamsMaster:  This dream could be a warning – you’ve enjoyed a rise to the top, but are about to be humbled as you come crashing down. Just remember: sometimes it takes hitting bottom to rise all the stronger.

I have long trusted dreams as prophetic visions. I do not mean that they foretell the future, only that they illuminate the present, when my eyes are closed, so that I may see clearly.

– Sheldon Kopp, The Hanged Man

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Crash boyfriend’s truck…

SkidDream:  I’m driving my boyfriend’s truck. The brakes go out. I was gonna crash. And before I crashed, I woke up.

DreamsMaster:  Do you feel the relationship with your boyfriend is getting a bit “out of control”, like it’s going too fast and you can’t “put on the brakes” to slow it down? The dream could be enacting these metaphors.

That said, keep in mind that sometimes dreams are literal warnings. In this case, have you picked up on any clues that your boyfriend’s truck may be due for service, and perhaps requires new brakes?

Consider both angles, and then think about what you need to do to gain more control and feel less powerless in your current situation.

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