Dream Interpretation Technique #7

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Dreams.com offers eight specific techniques for interpreting your dreams. Here is dream interpretation technique seven…

Dream Interpretation Tip #7

Underline significant words or symbols, free associate meanings to each, and then rewrite your dream using the theme and associations.  Example:

Dream: I am getting ready to go to a party but am anxious about what clothes to wear. I finally get to my destination and realize I’m naked, wearing nothing but shoes! I’m shocked and embarrassed, but nobody seems to notice my predicament.

Theme: I am going somewhere, am anxious about something, and when I get there something surprising occurs.

Party = social gathering
Clothes = social image
Naked = exposed, vulnerable
Shoes = protection from the ground

Dream rewritten: I am going to a social gathering but am anxious about my image. I get there and realize I’m exposed and vulnerable, yet I’m still protected.

Relation to current events: I had this dream the night before I was to give a talk (“exposed, vulnerable”) in front of a large audience (“social gathering”). The message I took from the dream was that although I was anxious about how my talk and I would be received (“image”), I was reminded that I was well “grounded” in my knowledge of the subject (“protection”) and in my experience as a speaker. And the fact that no one else noticed my predicament assured me that I needed only to concern myself with my own self-consciousness.

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Enjoying the dream is more important than interpreting it. Therefore, don’t work so hard that it stops being pleasant and exciting.

– Eugene Gendlin, Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams