Cats biting toes…

Dreams about cats, cats biting toesDream:  My sister and I are sleeping but I woke up because our cats are biting our toes. I tried to shoo away the cats but they are not going away and continued biting me.

DreamsMaster:  If the cats in your dream are your actual cats in the waking world, it’s possible the dream has more of a literal interpretation than a symbolic one. Your cats are insistent upon getting your attention, trying to stir you to action. Have you been questioning the well-being of your cats lately? Have you been tending to their needs, such as giving them plenty of water and keeping their litter box clean?

On a symbolic level, cats in dreams often represent our feminine side, and to be awaken by cats could symbolize a personal awakening to one’s femininity. Cats also symbolize intuition. In this dream, the cats are persistently biting at your toes and you’re trying to shoo them away. If it were my dream, I’d interpret this to mean that there’s resistance to accepting these developing aspects of myself. Also, since your sister is in the dream sleeping alongside you, it’s possible you recognize she’s unconscious about these developing aspects of herself as well.

In general, it appears that your dreaming mind is trying to give you a “wake-up call” to take care of some business. If it’s not literally about your cats, then think of what else in your daily life has been nagging at you, and will not go away until you give it your full attention.

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