Car chase…

Dream about a car chaseDream:  I had a dream about being in a car chase. I wasn’t driving, a girl with brown hair was. We were being chased and I sensed rivalry between the 2 cars. The second car was being driven by a guy, but at the end 3 or 4 girls came out. I don’t understand what this means!

DreamsMaster:  There’s a lot going on here. Let’s take a piece at a time then pull it all together and see what comes. I’ll project my own thoughts onto your dream, but then it’s up to you to provide your own meanings and make it your own.

First, I’m going to call out the main symbols and themes and suggest what they might mean if it were my dream…

– Car: Vehicle for getting from one place to another; source of independence.

– Someone else in the driver’s seat: Not feeling in control.

– Girl with brown hair: How would you describe this girl’s personality? I’m going to project onto her the character traits of Courage and Drive (pun intended).

– Rivalry between two cars: Could represent two parts of myself in conflict, competing.

– Second car being driven by a guy: How would you describe this guy? I project onto him the character trait of competing for the sake of ego.

– Several girls come out of the second car in the end: To me this adds to the idea that the second car represents ego, and the girls represent admiration – stroking the guy’s ego.

Putting this all together, if it were my dream, it could mean that there’s a part of me with the Courage and Drive to achieve my goals, competing with another part of me that’s caught up in my Ego and need for Admiration.  The fact that I’m a passenger in this drama means to me that I’m not taking control of the situation.

All that said, the message I might take away from the dream is that I need to be a more active participant in my life right now and not let circumstances and opinions of those around me dictate the goals I need to set for myself and my path to achieving them.

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