Cut off at the knee…

blk dating appsDream: My friend has asked me about his dream. He has dreamed the same dream for eight nights. He can’t remember anything about the dream except that his right leg is cut off at the knee.

DreamsMaster: Start with asking your friend if he can recall what was on his mind the night he first had the dream. Suggest he look at his calendar and see what events occurred that day, which may have contributed to what was on his mind. Something in his waking world triggered this dream, and the nightly recurrence of it is his subconscious mind’s way of emphasizing the importance of the message buried within.

That said, here are some ideas regarding how to interpret this dream…

In general, look for literal meanings first. In this case, the question would be if he’s been experiencing any problems with his right leg or right foot, such as pain or weakness. If so, the dream is a warning that there may be a health issue, and he should check with his doctor as soon as possible.

If the literal angle doesn’t fit, next look at possible metaphors and symbolism. For example, there’s the saying to be “cut off at the knees” which means to be beaten down, deflated, stopped in your tracks. Can he identify an event eight days ago that may have triggered these feelings in him? There’s also the expression to be “cut down to size”, referring to being criticized or belittled. Did something happen at work or socially that was a blow to his ego or self-confidence?

If he’s active in sports or self-defense, especially if his right leg is his dominant leg, then the dream may represent a sense of feeling powerless and defenseless. Again, look to events/thoughts/feelings that occurred at the original onset of the dream to help identify the trigger.

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