I dream of killing…

Dream of killingDream:  Every night I dream of killing someone I know. I don’t know why, but I always end up killing someone in my dream.

DreamsMaster:  How you feel in these dreams is significant to their meaning. For example, are you angry when you’re killing, or are you remorseful? Can you identify that same feeling state in your daily life the day or night before the dreams?

Killing is an act of power. To be killing someone you know could be your inner mind’s way of trying to take control of a situation, to convert feeling powerless into feeling powerful. Have you been lacking assertiveness and giving your power away to others, to the point where you’re starting to resent them?

If a person you kill is not someone you’re particularly close to in your waking world, then your dreaming mind may be choosing that person to represent some aspect of yourself that you deem unacceptable and want to do away with.  Think about how you would describe that person you killed. Do you identify with any of those traits, particularly the ones you judge negatively? If so, your dreaming mind may be sending you the message to be more accepting and forgiving of yourself.

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