Went to work without my pants…

meet milfs near meDream: I went to work without my pants on. Then I could not find my way home. I ended up in a line at Six Flags.

DreamsMaster: There are three separate but related themes in this dream. Let’s take a look at each separately and then bring them together.

1) Went to work without pants on: Generally when we dream of being naked in public or forgetting to put on fundamental pieces of clothing, this represents feeling exposed and vulnerable. In this case, since you went to work like this, consider if the day before the dream you were feeling unprepared, unprofessional, or in some other way had your guard down.

2) Could not find way home: Trying to get home could represent trying to get to a place of comfort and familiarity within yourself. It could also represent starting over again, home base. Not being able to find the way could represent obstacles in the current approach to trying to solve the problem at hand.

3) In line at Six Flags: The Six Flags that I know is an amusement park with lots of wild rides.

When I put these three themes together, if it were my dream, I’d interpret it like this:

I am feeling exposed and vulnerable in my work environment. My attempts to resolve or avoid the situation are not being met with success. If I stay in line with my current path, I’ll have a wild ride ahead.

As you read my projections onto your dream, does any of it fit for you? If so, I suggest you take a good look at your current life situation and assess if the decisions you’ve been making are truly in your best interest. Also, consider whether these feelings of being exposed or vulnerable signify the need to present yourself with greater confidence.

Finally, if you’re still at a loss, think about what was on your mind the night before the dream, and also try to recall if you felt any similar feelings to the dream the day before. These will help point you toward the problem your sleeping mind is working on.

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