Buried alive…

Buried aliveDream: Last night I had a dream I was buried alive and it was spooky. Then, within my dream I awoke in my bed and was immediately pulled into my closet by a ghost. What does this mean???

DreamsMaster: My crystal ball tells me you watched the movie Paranormal Activity last night. Am I right? 😉

But seriously, most of our dreams have something to do with what was on our mind the night before. If you’d been watching a scary horror movie, it might partially explain the content of this dream.

That said, here are some other ideas to consider in regards to the dream themes and symbolism…

⇒ Buried alive
⇒ Pulled into the closet by a ghost

In both cases, you are a victim of someone doing something terrible to put fear into you. Questions to ask yourself, to see if there’s a parallel in your waking world:

Are you feeling terrorized by someone or something in your life today? There’s mention of a ghost – could there be someone or something from your past that’s haunting you?

Along similar lines, is there something going on in your life that’s contributing to feeling powerless? Could the image of being buried alive be a metaphor for feeling “buried” with work or smothered in a relationship?

Watch for similar themes of victimization and powerlessness in your dreams in the nights to come, and then look to the events and thoughts of the day and night before to identify the trend.

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