Cloth on the rearview mirror…

Dream about rearview mirrorDream: I dreamt that someone was tying a white piece of cloth on the rearview mirror in my car.

DreamsMaster: Interesting. Let’s start by looking at the dream symbols one at a time, and then piecing them together into possible interpretations. As you read, keep in mind these are just my own projections, and sift through the thoughts and images to identify what fits for you.

Someone: Did you know the person who was doing this? If so, the dream may be related to your relationship with this person. If not, the person may represent a part of yourself. Consider what adjectives you would use to describe this person. For example, was it a man or a woman? What was the mood of the person as s/he was tying? Was s/he angry? Happy? Serious?

White piece of cloth: white is the color of purity; it is also the color of surrender, such as waving a white flag – which may also be fitting as to this being a white piece of cloth. The term white-wash comes to mind as well. I can also see this as a blindfold.

Tying: was the cloth being tied in such a way as to cover the rearview mirror, or was it being tied to the attachment just below it? If covering the mirror, this person or part of yourself appears to be shielding your vision, perhaps covering up the truth. If not covering the mirror but hanging below it, this more likely resembles the metaphor of waving a white flag of surrender.

Rearview mirror: view of what’s behind; glimpse of the past; reflection of oneself.

My car: independence; self-image; transition; journey.

As you read this, are you starting to connect the dots? Here are a few ideas for how to piece it all together, if it were my dream…

  • Part of myself is attempting to white-wash the past, to keep me from seeing things as they really were.
  • I need to stop looking at the past in a negative light; stop letting the past direct my future.
  • I need to surrender – release control, stop resisting – in order to journey ahead.

Have you felt the “AHA!” moment yet, that sense of recognition of the meaning of the dream? For more hints, think about what was on your mind the night you had the dream.

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