Buddhist monk with one eye…

Buddhist monkDream: I met a Buddhist monk with only one eye (the right eye). I bent with my hands together and then reached out to touch him. He gently pushed my hand away and said firmly no. Then he reached out and grasped my head in his hands and I could both sense and feel the need to humble myself before him. I went down onto one knee, then the other one eventually I was on both knees, head bowed in supplication before him. I could sense a clear energy flowing through his hands into me. My wife was standing nearby and called out not to worry that he was the water priest.

DreamsMaster: A few dominant themes stand out in this dream. Here are my projections onto these themes – consider if any fit for you, or if they spark other insights…

Buddhist monk with only one eye (the right eye): Spiritual guide; seer; visionary; right eye could represent the dominant eye, singular point of vision.

Rejected attempt to touch him: You cannot gain strength from reaching out to him; he must be in control and reach out to you.

Energy flowing through his hands into me: Personal empowerment; strong message about important life lesson trying to make its way into you.

Water priest: In the gaming world, the water priest defends the Life realm from intruders, casts defensive magic to protect their allies. Looking at what a “water priest” might mean outside the gaming world, “water” in dreams often represents our emotional or spiritual base, while a “priest” is a spiritual guide (similar to a Buddhist monk).

In summary, the dream appears to be sending a message about the direction you must take in order to achieve a desired sense of spiritual enlightenment or personal empowerment. It’s not about reaching out to find it… it’s about being open-minded and allowing it to find you.