Digging a grave…

http://dreams.com/afro-dating-australia/Dream: I had this dream about digging a grave. What does this mean?

DreamsMaster: There is clear symbolism in this dream, though the actual meaning is up to you to determine. Consider these possibilities…

To dream about digging a grave could mean something has died and you are laying it to rest. It may be an end to a job or a relationship, or it could be that some part of you has died, such as a sense of freedom or an old self-image.

Also, the saying “You’ve dug your own grave” comes to mind, used when someone is responsible for his or her own downfall or ruin. If you’re familiar with this figure of speech, then consider if it may hold some truth for you – have you “dug your own grave” or done something you fear will be “the death of you”, figuratively speaking?

Dreams of one’s own death almost always reflect the fact that we have reached the point of being willing to relinquish our old roles and self-images, and for this reason these are often the most important dreams of all.

– Ann Faraday, The Dream Game

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