Baby bats flying out of the drawer…

adult friend find siteBaby bats flying out of the drawer…

Dream: I was standing in front of a dresser with it open and I was pouring gravy in the drawer and then baby bats would fly out I did it over and over again.

DreamsMaster: Key to understanding the meaning of this dream is to understand what the different symbols mean to you personally. Since I don’t know you, I will project my own thoughts and meanings onto the dream. As you read, consider what might fit for you, and when something does not fit, ask yourself what might fit better.

Dresser:  In my home, a dresser contains clothes, organized into different drawers. If this were my dream, the dresser would represent my self-image, and depending on which drawer I was pouring the gravy into, would reflect on what element of my self-image the dream was about. For example, my main dresser drawer contains my undergarments. In this case, the dresser drawer in the dream may represent my self-image related to my sexuality.

Gravy:  What do you usually pour gravy over? If this were my dream, I usually pour gravy over foods that I want to enhance their flavor. So in this context, gravy would represent something that makes something else more palatable.

Bats:  Bats in dreams sometimes represent something scary, but baby bats would minimize the fear.

Now let’s pull the symbols together to tell a story. Again, I will frame this as my own dream, while you project your own personal symbols over mine:

I am pouring gravy (something tasty) into the drawer (my self-image) and baby bats (something not so scary) come out.

Phrased another way, if this were my dream, this is the message I might get from it:

There is something about my private identity that scares me, but if I allow myself to view it another way, I might actually find it enjoyable and discover that it’s not as scary as I think.

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