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Tortoises inside temple…

tortoises, tortoise and hare, dream metaphor, dream symbolDream:  I see colourful multiple tortoises inside temple.

DreamsMaster:  A tortoise in a dream often symbolizes wisdom, strength and patience. Its ability to escape danger by retreating into its shell also makes it a symbol of protection and healing. In Hinduism, the tortoise is said to bear the burden of the whole world on his back, and was the second of Lord Vishnu’s numerous avatars.

Since the tortoises in your dream are inside a temple, they could represent the strength and diversity of your own personal foundation and spirituality. The dream may also be directing you toward your calling – consider the idea that the tortoise represents your own traits of wisdom, strength, patience and healing. How could you put these marvelous aspects into action?

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He came to me in my dream…

he came to me in my dreamDream:  My dad died a couple of months ago. Last night he came to me in my dream. It was weird – it was as if I knew he was dead but standing in front of me alive at the same time. I went up to him and hugged him and said, “I took you for granted.” What does this mean?

DreamsMaster:  It’s not uncommon to have dreams of the departed, and it remains a mystery as to whether or not the departed can actually return to us in our dreams. That said, for those of us who have had a “visitation”, an experience that feels more like a visit than a dream, there’s no question that something unexplainable has occurred.

Regardless if you believe in visitations or not, a dream of someone departed still carries an important message. In this case, consider your words: “I took you for granted.” In what way does this statement hold true for you? It’s possible that you’re carrying some guilt or regret in regards to “what-ifs” and “if-onlys”, trying to redo or undo the past. This is a natural part of the grief process, but it’s important not to get stuck there. It’s likely your dream is giving you a nudge, helping you move on toward acceptance of your loss.

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Gifts from the departed…

gifts from the departedDream: I dreamed that my grandmother (passed) gave me 2 cloth hearts, a leather pocket book, and gogoboots, laughing with joy, happy.

DreamsMaster: What a special dream! A visit from your grandmother combined with some treasured gifts. Good for you for documenting the dream, so the memory of it will last.

To find deeper meaning in the dream, think about the gifts and what each one means to you personally. Here are some ideas, based on my own projections:

  1. Cloth hearts: A heart represents love. Since there are two of them, perhaps they represent a loving relationship. To me, cloth represents clothing, so a gift of cloth hearts may be telling you to “wear your heart on your sleeve” – demonstrate your love openly.
  2. Leather pocketbook: Leather is a sturdy material. A pocketbook or purse/wallet often symbolizes one’s identity and/or security, since it generally contains important personal items such as a driver’s license and money. This gift could be a statement that you have a strong identity that is well protected.
  3. Go-go boots: What fun possibilities! To me, go-go boots are a reminder of the 60s, an era of women’s liberation demonstrated by wild and crazy clothing and lifestyles.

Was your grandmother wild at heart in her lifetime? Or, do you think she was repressed but would have liked to have been free? Putting it all together, it appears to me that your  grandmother’s spirit is encouraging you to live fully and freely, to experience the sense of joy and laughter that freedom brings.

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