Pregnant but can’t be…  I had this dream where I was pregnant, but I cannot have babies. Is that just wishful thinking and dreaming of it?

DreamsMaster:  It is possible that your dream is wishful thinking, as you stated. However, a dream of being pregnant can have deep metaphorical and symbolic meaning as well.

If the dream was recent, think about what was on your mind the day or night before you dreamt it. If you’d been thinking about not being able to get pregnant, then it’s likely the dream was more along the lines of wishful thinking. But, if you had not been thinking at all about being pregnant, then it’s more likely that the dream was a metaphor.

In the case that it may be a metaphor, here are some questions to ask yourself, using figures of speech related to being pregnant:

Is there some sort of new life growing inside of you? Perhaps a part of your personality that’s just now starting to develop? Or, a new idea you’re about to give birth to?

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