Back in school…

Back in schoolDream #1: I have a reoccurring dream that I’m back in high school or just back in school. I’m with the people I knew in school and this has been going on for years.

DreamsMaster: What were you like when you were in high school? Were you part of the “popular crowd” or more of an outsider? How would you describe yourself then as compared to now?

When you have this dream, is it enjoyable or filled with anxiety? Was high school (or school in general) a positive experience for you, a place in your mind that feels good to revisit, or was it a negative experience that you’d prefer not to relive?

School is often associated with taking tests. Dreaming about school is sometimes a metaphor for feeling “put to the test” in our waking world. Anything going on in your current job or relationship that may be tapping into this old feeling of having to prove yourself or your capabilities?

A recurring dream that takes you back to a particular place and time often means that there’s something in our past that we haven’t let go of, and something in our present that keeps hooking that remnant of the past.

Start keeping track of these dreams, and make note of what was on your mind the night before. Look for a pattern of what might be triggering the dream. For example, let’s say school was a positive experience for you, both mentally and socially stimulating. Then let’s say you’re going through a time in your life where you’re feeling particularly lonely, or feeling bored with your job or relationship. Dreaming about this other time in your life may be your soul’s way of comforting you… or spurring you to take action to find a more stimulating path.

SchoolDream #2: I have been having this dream of being in school for a very long time.

DreamsMaster: A dream about being in school could be a metaphor for receiving life lessons. Dreams about being in school could also represent feeling like you’re being “tested” in life, perhaps afraid of “not making the grade” if the dream is stressful. Pay attention to what was on your mind the night before the dream and this will help you better understand the message this dream is trying to give you.

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