What does it mean to dream about animals?

Hummingbird landed on my shoulder…

HummingbirdDream: I dreamed that a hummingbird landed on my shoulder and let me pet it.

DreamsMaster: Ah, what nice symbolism! As I frequently state, only the dreamer can interpret his or her own dream, but I can offer as guidance my personal projections.

A hummingbird is known for being in constant motion, flitting about from one source of sweetness to the next, rarely alighting or staying fixed in one place for longer than a few moments.

Then there’s the actual name of this delicate creature: a humming-bird. This musical reference could be a dream pun or metaphor, a clue to what the bird symbolizes to you personally.

Symbolically, the hummingbird could represent a part of you that tends to be rapidly on the move, drinking in the nectar of life, but is now taking time to pause and reflect. At the same time, another part of you is supportive of this shift, as evidenced by your reaching out to “pet” it.

The hummingbird may also represent another person or situation in your life that has felt fleeting or intangible in some ways, and is now becoming more trusting of intimacy.

Consider these possibilities and explore any others that have been triggered while reading this. My sense is that you have strong intuition, and this little hummingbird may be a harbinger of good fortune.

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I dreamed I was falling…

Dreamed I was fallingDream: This dream I had last night. I dreamed I was falling and I was so frightened. But I started to take control of my fear and landed safely. When I looked around me I saw cats everywhere and I felt safe again.

DreamsMaster: What a great dream! To have an experience of falling – the essence of feeling ungrounded, lacking support, out of control – and then to convert that experience into taking control of your fear and landing safely is a very powerful dream experience, which you can now take and translate to your waking world. In other words, you now know on a deeper level how to control your thoughts and emotions in such a way as to convert fear into positive action.

Cats in a dream commonly symbolize feminine energy, as well as power and freedom. To me, a cat also symbolizes independence (similar to freedom) and wisdom. More important is what cats mean to you. Think about how you would describe a cat, and then look at that description and consider how those traits may be aspects of yourself – aspects that contribute to your sense of safety in the world.

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Fish and fortune…

fish and fortuneDream:  Eating cooked but not ready fish

DreamsMaster:  Fish and fortune usually go hand-in-hand when it comes to dream interpretation. Fish in dreams often symbolize faith and fertility as well. It’s interesting that in this particular dream the fish is cooked but not ready. This could represent your faith, fortune or fertility (which could also represent creativity) is not yet fully developed, but is on the path. Give it a little more time.

Dream:  I dreamed of an open sea… I saw lots of big fishes… then we cooked heads of big shrimps, squids and other fishes

DreamsMaster:  Although every dream is personal to the dreamer and only the dreamer can truly interpret it, my sense is that this dream is a sign of riches ahead for you. An open sea could represent endless possibilities, while catching big fishes to feast on could represent the bounty ahead.


Additional note: Although dreams about fish or eating fish often symbolically represent good fortune or fertility, sometimes a dream about eating fish has a literal meaning. The body could be craving certain qualities of fish such as omega-3 fatty acids, which are believed to have important benefits to the heart and even to infant development during pregnancy. In this case, a dream about eating fish could be a message to the dreamer to add fish to the dreamer’s diet.

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Go get the bananas…

Go get the bananasDream: I dreamed my fiancé and I met in the African village and then went to the farm and saw the bananas on the other side and my fiancé said to me “Go get the bananas on the other side of the river and bring them back” and then I refused and told my fiancé to go get the bananas. My fiancé refused and told me to go get the bananas. Then we saw a snake in the water and my fiancé bought me a piece of wood and told me to go and kill the snake. Then I refused and told her to go kill the snake. Then she refused. Then all of a sudden, we are in a tree and my fiancé is singing in the wrong notes to me. Then I saw my granddad and he asked “What are you doing in the tree”, then I woke up.

DreamsMaster: This dream appears to be illustrating conflict between your fiancé and you, specifically around issues of power and control. I see two examples of this in the dream, one in regards to fetching bananas (may symbolize sustenance) and the other in regards to killing a snake (may symbolize protection). Your fiancé expects you to address these basic needs, but you deflect back to her, and she deflects back to you, with no apparent resolution. Is this a pattern between the two of you in your waking life? In other words, do the two of you get stuck when it comes to negotiation and conflict resolution?

All of a sudden you’re in a tree. This could represent trying to rise above or escape from the conflict. To no avail, as the “disharmony” (singing wrong notes) is present even there. Perhaps your granddad represents your inner wisdom, recognizing the futility of your current mode of trying to escape the conflict. If so, consider this: What would your granddad advise in your current situation?

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Black squirrel kissing my feet…

Black squirrelDream: I dreamed of a black squirrel kissing my feet.

DreamsMaster: Imagine you have to describe a squirrel to a child who has not yet encountered one. How would you describe it? What is its personality like? What traits is it known for? Is there something special to you about a squirrel that is black? The description you create will provide you with valuable insight for interpreting this dream.

That said, here is my own projection onto your dream, see what fits for you…

A squirrel darts around quickly, has lots of energy. It tends to spend much of its energy gathering and stashing away food, always preparing itself for the future. From my experience, squirrels are not very trusting, as they will immediately dart and leap up a tree the instant they catch site of someone in the vicinity. A person is referred to as being “squirrely” when they are flighty or dart around quickly like this.

In the dream, the squirrel is not only calm and trusting, but is also expressing affection and gratitude (my projection onto “kissing”). Pulling all this together, if it were my dream, a squirrel kissing my feet could be a message to trust that I’ve accomplished much in the way of preparing for my future, and it’s okay to take a rest from my constant motion.

On the other hand, if the dreamer is someone who has not taken steps to plan for a future and is not very active, a squirrel kissing the dreamer’s feet could represent one’s subconscious mind trying to rouse the dreamer to action.

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