What does it mean to dream about killing or to be killed in a dream?

Fiancé cheating and threatening me…

Threatening, cheatingDream:  I have had two dreams of my fiancé having an affair and or leaving me. The first dream I dreamed that he was cheating on me and I tried to leave him and then he pulled his shotgun on me and said that he would kill me if I left him. The second dream I dreamed that he left me and said that I was too boring and took too many pictures. What do these mean?!!

DreamsMaster:  Let’s take each of these dreams individually, then look at the possible connection between them…

In the first dream, your fiancé is cheating on you and threatens to kill you if you leave him. There are strong themes of Trust and Control here, or more precisely, the lack of both.

In the second dream, he said you were “boring and took too many pictures”. If this were my dream, that statement would represent an accusation that I tend to be an observer in life more than a participant. Since your fiancé is your own projection in this dream, I would consider this being a form of self-criticism. Do you have concerns about being too passive in your life or in this relationship?

Considering both of these dreams together, the key question I have for you is, do you trust this man that you intend to marry? The follow-on question is, do you trust that marrying this person is truly in your best interest, or are you feeling threatened by a sense of powerlessness and lack of control in the relationship?

Our dreams are our inner detective at work. If you’ve been sensing that this man has been emotionally distancing from you or has been acting in a controlling manner that from the outside appears caring but on the inside feels oppressive, these dreams may be sending you a warning that this relationship is not right for you.

On the other hand, if you cannot relate to the above and you sincerely do trust this man, then these dreams may represent some deep set insecurity that you don’t feel worthy of being in a relationship, thus setting up scenarios to try to sabotage it.

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Chasing me…

chasing meDream:  I used to dream someone was chasing me to kill me. It was always a different scenario but same situation. I had a similar dream last night again. They never catch me. I always manage to get away.

DreamsMaster:  Being chased in a dream immediately raises the metaphorical question, what are you running away from? The dream often involves a sense of vulnerability and lack of control, and implies there’s something in your waking world or psyche that you’re trying hard to deny or ignore but is chasing you down.

Here are some things to explore as you unravel the mystery behind this particular recurring dream of yours…

1) To start, write the theme of the dream and underline key symbols. There was not much detail in the dream you submitted, so in this case it can be as basic as: I am feeling threatened by someone, but I manage to escape.

2) Ask yourself some questions about the dream to try to recall more details, which may provide more symbols to work with. For example:

– Were you being chased by a man or a woman? When a person is undefined in a dream, s/he often represents a disowned part of oneself (our “shadow”). Describe this person in detail, perhaps even imagine interviewing him/her and asking questions such as, “Why are you pursuing me?”

– Did this person carry a weapon? If so, what was it? A gun? Knife? Do you have any personal associations to this particular type of weapon?

– Where were you when you were being chased? Was there anything familiar about the setting?

3) After you’ve probed your memory for more details of the dream, ask yourself these other questions as you try to associate the feelings and symbols from the dream to your waking life:

– What was on your mind when you went to bed last night?

– Recall the feelings you had in the dream. Did you have any similar feelings like that yesterday or last night?

4) If you don’t already have one, start keeping a journal where you can track these recurring dreams. Each time you have the dream, write it out in as much detail as possible, and be sure to note what was on your mind or what occurred the day/night before. A trend will appear, which will shed light on the message your inner self is trying to send you.

On a personal note, I used to have a similar recurring dream where I was being chased by unknown others threatening to kill me. One night while I was having this dream, in the midst of the chase the thought occurred: I’m going to die sooner or later. I’d prefer later than sooner, but if this is it, so be it. With that, I stopped running and calmly turned to face the pursuer, then gently awoke. Having faced my fear of death, I never had that dream again. And that calm acceptance of death stayed with me in the waking world, bringing a core sense of peace I had never before experienced.

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Friend shoots me…

dream metaphor, dream symbolism, broken tile, broken relationshipDream:  I serve in a pastoral position and in my dream I was helping people in a church setting. A friend shoots me twice, leaving me immobilized. I’m not worried about myself as I’m more concerned for the welfare of those entrusted to me. I’m shocked and in disbelief, more than hurt about what she has done to me. I can’t move and the same person comes and steps on my neck. I hear the cracking. I feel it carries a spiritual meaning.

DreamsMaster:  I understand why this dream is so troubling to you. If you feel it carries a spiritual meaning, then begin by trusting this intuition. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

First, I have some clarifying questions:
– Is this friend in the dream a trusted friend in your waking world? Is she also a member of your church community?
– In the dream, where does she shoot you? In the back? The chest? The stomach?
– What is your friend’s emotional state in the dream? Cold? Angry? Hysterical?
– At the beginning of the dream you’re helping people in a church setting. What type of help are you administering to them?
– After you’re shot and immobilized, you’re more worried about them than yourself. How are they at risk?

Next, let’s look at possible dream themes. These are a couple that come to me:
– Someone you thought trustworthy betrayed you.
– While giving of yourself to others, you suffer gravely.

There are a number of symbols for you to consider as well. What they mean is for you to determine, but here’s what they would mean to me if it were my dream…

– Church = community
– Friend = could represent the actual person in my life, or it could represent a part of myself that I’ve identified with that friend.
– Shoots twice = determined to end life, to hit the mark.
– Immobilized = unable to protect or defend others or myself.
– Neck = lifeline between the head and the heart.

As you’re reading through all of this, are you getting a sense of the dream’s message? Only you can determine the dream’s true meaning (and it may have several layers of meaning), but from my perspective, I think it may be a warning that by giving so much to others, you may be putting your own health and well-being at risk. That said, I’d still keep a watchful eye on that friend, in case your intuition is sensing she doesn’t necessarily have your best interest at heart.

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Killed a lion…

LionDream:  I killed a lion.

DreamsMaster:  What powerful symbolism! In order to determine what the dream means, start by defining what a lion represents to you personally.

For example, if it were my dream, these are some adjectives I would use to describe a lion: strong, powerful, protective, dangerous, wild. Would any of those descriptions fit for you as well? What other words would you use to describe a lion?

Next, provide more details about the dream:
– What events led up to you killing the lion?
– Were you feeling threatened by it?
– Was there a struggle?
– How did you kill it? Was it with weapons, or with your bare hands?
– Was it a male lion with a mane, or was it a female?
– What feelings did you have in the dream? Did you feel afraid, fearless, powerful?

As you answer all of these questions (and any others that come to mind as you run through this exercise), watch for a theme to emerge, and then see how that theme may be occurring in your waking world.

For example, let’s say the lion is behaving in a threatening manner. One possible theme could be:  I’m feeling threatened by someone or something I perceive as being very powerful and needs to be destroyed. But I am more powerful than the other, who is not really a threat after all.

Finally, once you’ve reached some satisfying conclusions about the symbolism of the lion and the theme of the dream, ask yourself, where in your life does this fit for you? Is there a [powerful, strong, wild] person in your life that you perceive as a threat that needs to be eliminated? Or, is there a [powerful, strong, wild] part of yourself that you consider threatening and feel the need to subdue?

You can see how many directions a dream can take you, and how only the dreamer can uncover the true meaning of a dream. In fact, here’s another angle this dream could take depending on the dreamer’s own personal frame of reference — Do you pay attention to astrology? If so, is there a Leo in your life? ☺

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Boyfriend killed…

boyfriend killedDream:  In my dream my boyfriend was shot and killed. It’s the third time dreaming it. It was on the street but I don’t know where we are, and I see cop cars everywhere. I see him dead.

DreamsMaster: Your dreaming mind is definitely trying to get your attention, based on the fact that you’ve had the dream three times and it’s making a strong emotional impact.

The first thing you want to look at is the literal context. Do you sense your boyfriend is involved in some type of dangerous activity that could result in violent action toward him? If so, the dream may be a warning, and I strongly encourage you to talk to him about it to see if he can change course.

If the literal angle doesn’t fit, then look for symbolism. For example, seeing him dead could mean that your image of him has died, that he’s no longer the person you initially thought he was. The cops or police in the dream could represent your conscience, the part of you that knows right from wrong.

Think back to what was on your mind the night(s) you had this dream. If you can’t recall, then the next time you have the dream, write it down along with what happened or what was on your mind the day or night before. Soon a trend will become clear, and you’ll know what the message is and what action you need to take.

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