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Boyfriend wants to break up…

Break upDream:  My boyfriend telling me that he wants us to break up.

DreamsMaster:  There are a few ways to approach this dream.

First, did you and your boyfriend have an argument or disagreement the night before the dream? Did you go to bed having thoughts about him being unhappy, or have you been lacking confidence in the relationship? If so, the dream may have been somewhat literal, in that it was simply playing out in dream images what your waking mind was already imagining.

If things have been going fine with your boyfriend, it’s possible your subconscious mind has been picking up signs of discontent – on either his end or your own. For example, things may outwardly appear fine in the relationship, but the “inner detective” in your sleep pieced together some clues that were pointing in a different direction. Or, perhaps you have not been so into the relationship yourself lately, and your sleeping mind is trying to find a way out.

Only you can determine the true meaning of this dream. Ponder the possibilities I’ve written, and consider these questions as well:

– How did you feel in the dream when your boyfriend told you he wanted to break up?

– How did you feel when you woke up afterward? Same or different than how you felt in the dream?

If you’re still in the dark in regards to the dream’s message, each night this week before you go to sleep, tell yourself that you’d like more information about this dream, and keep a pen and paper by your bed to write down what comes.

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Winning at rugby…

winning at rugbyDream:  I dreamt I was playing rugby and was running through the opposition scoring a lot of points, even kicking for goals… the match wasn’t finished and the opposition stopped the game.

DreamsMaster: What I see in your dream is this metaphor: you’re playing at the top of your game. You’re in command, overcoming all obstacles.

In the dream, did you feel that the opposition stopped the game because they surrendered? Or did it feel as if that was their way of gaining control over the situation?

In your waking world today, do you feel that you’re confidently achieving your goals? Do you also have the sense that there are others competing with you, trying to stop you in your tracks?

I suggest the dream’s message for you is to embrace the feeling of confidence in your endeavors, and don’t let the opposition or competition deter you from reaching your goals.

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