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Three strikes…

Three strikesDream: I was at my father-in-law’s house. I went to use the bathroom and realized I had split my pants, so I leave and the house is full of people that I recognize – my ex’s mother, grandmother, and others. I walk over to say hello to his mother and grandmother. I lean over to give his grandmother a hug and kiss on the cheek and when I attempt to release she says to me “no give me more” but I push away and go to lean down and acknowledge his mother and in the process accidentally punch his grandmother in the mouth. Automatically I start apologizing but she gets up and runs out of the house. I look at his mother and tell her how sorry I am and that I will make it right and I run out after his grandmother. As I come out the front door his grandmother is running towards a park across the street surrounded by fence and she runs directly into the fence with her face. Out of nowhere the police show up and she starts fighting them and then they shoot her and a battered cop looks up at me and says, “Three strikes – she hit me 3 times – I shoot on the 3rd strike.” And that’s when I woke up.

DreamsMaster:  I get the sense from this dream that you struggle to assert yourself when it comes to setting boundaries and standing up for yourself. If this rings true, it’s likely this personal challenge was particularly keen in regards to your prior relationship with your ex and in-laws. However, unless they were on your mind the night of the dream, there’s something else in your current life that has triggered this same response, and the dream may be sending a message that it’s time to address it. Here are the specific themes in the dream that point me to this interpretation…

– The setting of the dream is your father-in-law’s house: This could represent your sense of self in regards to that period of time in your life, which appears to have been rather oppressive (based on additional personal information shared).

– You went inside to use the bathroom and realized you split your pants: Needing to go to the bathroom in a dream often represents a need to release unpleasant or pressing feelings. Splitting your pants is similar to dreams about being naked, representing a sense of feeling exposed or vulnerable. The way you describe this scene, it appears the split pants inhibited you from actually relieving yourself. Put it all together, this dream scene could represent an inability to fully express yourself for fear of being exposed and vulnerable.

– The drama with the grandmother essentially unfolds when you try to assert yourself and set a boundary with her. Your polite overture of an obligatory hug and kiss was met with her demanding more from you: you tried to pull away and she insisted on pulling you back. You resisted but then paid the penalty with a negative consequence of your actions. At that point you immediately flipped into an apologetic mode needing to “make it right”. Does this describe a pattern in your waking world, where you negotiate away your own needs in an effort to please or meet the needs of others?

– The police could represent your own inner sense of justice. The battered cop explained a “three strikes you’re out” strategy. Perhaps this is the core message of the dream: establish your personal boundaries and honor them by having the courage to stand up for yourself. Remember, you can’t expect others to respect you if you don’t demonstrate respect for yourself.


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Dream:  I have seen myself undressing in front of the mirror and I see myself naked.

DreamsMaster:  To undress in front of a mirror and to see yourself naked likely means that you are becoming fully open and honest with yourself. Did you experience any specific emotion in your dream? For example, when you saw yourself naked, did you have a negative reaction to what you saw, or did you feel acceptance? If you had a negative reaction, then the dream may be urging you to come out from behind your public façade, and become less judgmental and more accepting of your true self.

We may fool ourselves with trumped-up and distorted self-portraits in waking life but sleep is no friend to embellishment and illusion. Dreams are the mirror of the self.

– Calvin Hall, The Meaning of Dreams

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Cut off at the knee…

Cracked mirror, cut off at the knee, shattered self-confidenceDream: My friend has asked me about his dream. He has dreamed the same dream for eight nights. He can’t remember anything about the dream except that his right leg is cut off at the knee.

DreamsMaster: Start with asking your friend if he can recall what was on his mind the night he first had the dream. Suggest he look at his calendar and see what events occurred that day, which may have contributed to what was on his mind. Something in his waking world triggered this dream, and the nightly recurrence of it is his subconscious mind’s way of emphasizing the importance of the message buried within.

That said, here are some ideas regarding how to interpret this dream…

In general, look for literal meanings first. In this case, the question would be if he’s been experiencing any problems with his right leg or right foot, such as pain or weakness. If so, the dream is a warning that there may be a health issue, and he should check with his doctor as soon as possible.

If the literal angle doesn’t fit, next look at possible metaphors and symbolism. For example, there’s the saying to be “cut off at the knees” which means to be beaten down, deflated, stopped in your tracks. Can he identify an event eight days ago that may have triggered these feelings in him? There’s also the expression to be “cut down to size”, referring to being criticized or belittled. Did something happen at work or socially that was a blow to his ego or self-confidence?

If he’s active in sports or self-defense, especially if his right leg is his dominant leg, then the dream may represent a sense of feeling powerless and defenseless. Again, look to events/thoughts/feelings that occurred at the original onset of the dream to help identify the trigger.

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Thin ice and mice…

MiceDream: For the past two nights I’ve dreamed of my deceased dad in bed. On both occasions he never spoke. One dream I was walking on ice that was about to break, but i jumped into the bed he was on and the ice stop breaking. The other bed dream there were mice infested in the room we were in.

DreamsMaster: A bed often represents a resting place, and since your deceased dad is in bed in both dreams, perhaps this is a way of you coming to terms with him “resting in peace”. The fact that both dreams are anxiety-provoking leads me to think that something unsettling is going on in your waking life, and perhaps you’re wishing you had your dad to turn to for help.

There’s a clear metaphor in the first dream: Where in your life do you feel you’re “walking on thin ice”, or in a precarious situation? You reached out for your father in the dream for protection. If your father were alive, what words of wisdom might he share with you to get you through this difficult time?

Water or ice in a dream may also represent one’s emotions. Viewed from this perspective, this dream scene could represent a fragile or vulnerable emotional state. If your father died relatively recently (“recently” is purely subjective), or if the dream occurred around the anniversary of his death or other event when you’re particularly aware of his absence, the dream could be connected with a wave of grief surfacing, breaking through the thin veneer of “holding it together”.

As for the second dream, mice may symbolize different things depending on your personal association with mice. From your description, mice infesting a room could symbolize certain situations or people in your life becoming overwhelming. A mouse may also represent timidity. In this case, the dream could be sending you a message to be more forthright – perhaps a trait your dad had, or would encourage you to have.

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Shaking hands with the president…

shaking hands with the presidentDream:  I dreamed about shaking hands with the president and having a lively conversation with him.

DreamsMaster:  A president generally represents someone with power and control. To shake hands with the president in a dream could mean that you’re getting in touch with your own inner power and have a sense of control over your life right now. The fact that the two of you are engaged in lively conversation suggests that this sense of power and control are manifesting in your life in the areas of creativity and communication.

Is it clear in the dream which president, specifically, you are shaking hands with? If so, is he the president of the country you currently reside in, or does he preside over a different country? Is this president someone whose political views you generally agree with, or not? These additional pieces of information can add further clarity to the dream’s meaning. For example, if it’s a president you associate with a specific political position that you’ve protested in the past, shaking hands with him in your dream may mean your position or attitude about that subject has become more aligned with his.

When you awoke from the dream, did you have any recollection of the conversation itself? Also, was this “lively conversation” friendly in nature, or was there an edge of conflict or hostility? The nature and tone of the dialog could shed additional light on the dream’s meaning as well.

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