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He dreamed that he killed me…

killed meDream: My boyfriend told me about his dream and I wanna know what it means… He dreamed that he killed me but he has no idea how or what he did to me. He saw me laying there dead and he was really crying and so sad. And I’ve been thinking what does it mean, made me wonder a lot.

DreamsMaster: Before I begin to offer my ideas, keep in mind that this is your boyfriend’s dream, and ultimately he’s the only one who can confirm whether or not an interpretation fits.

That said, here are some thoughts. Killing is the ultimate exercise of power. It’s not clear from your message whether your boyfriend killed you intentionally or by accident. If in the dream the killing was intentional, it may represent a sense of total dominance or internal rage. If unintentional, it could represent a fear of exercising one’s power irresponsibly or losing control. Either way, the fact that he feels intense sadness and remorse is very significant, suggesting deep internal conflict. All of this taken into consideration, here are some questions for your boyfriend to ponder…

– Is he concerned that if he lets down his guard, lets out his true self, that this could somehow destroy the relationship?

– Is there something he’s afraid of or feels guilty about, that if revealed would “kill” you metaphorically?

Killing is such a popular dream theme that there’s a special category for it on Dreams.com. Check it out if you’re interested in getting more ideas about what it might mean in this situation, and be sure to include your boyfriend in the discussion before jumping to any conclusions of your own.

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Dirty laundry…

Dirty laundryDream:   I dreamed of my late mother giving me a tongue lashing about me leaving my dirty clothes everywhere in my room.

DreamsMaster:  My sense is that you’re feeling guilty about something, and your late mother in your dream represents your conscience giving yourself a beating.

What might you be feeling guilty about? Think about what leaving dirty clothes around might mean on both literal and symbolic levels. For example, perhaps you feel your life is not as tidy as you think it should be, or that maybe you should be taking greater responsibility and control of your life. On a symbolic or metaphorical level, “dirty clothes” could represent “dirty laundry” – an expression having to do with unfinished business in the past. Do you have unfinished business you’ve been ignoring, loose ends that need to be tidied up?

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