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escape room datesDream:  In my dream, I saw a block of ice falling down from the sky like rain. When I went to pick it up, it turned to water.

DreamsMaster:  Water in dreams often represents our emotional state. In this case, a block of ice could represent hardened emotions. The fact that it turned to water when you went to pick it up implies that these hardened emotions are softening.

Think about what was on your mind the night you had this dream. Have you been feeling “cold as ice” toward someone or something, but now those feelings are starting to warm? This dream could represent a sense of healing taking place inside of you, emotionally and/or spiritually.

The symbol in the dream has more the value of a parable: it does not conceal, it teaches.

– Carl Jung, as quoted in C.G. Jung: Psychological Reflections

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Begging me to take him back…

Take him backDream:  My husband who left me four months ago came back with dozens of long stem red roses begging me to take him back???

DreamsMaster:  I see a few possibilities with this dream. First, some questions to ask yourself that may help clarify the message…

– What was on your mind the night before the dream? This is going to be key to its interpretation.

– In the dream, how did you feel when he begged you to take him back? Were you joyful? Doubtful? Confused?

– How did you feel when you woke up afterward? Sad? Relieved?

– What do long stem red roses mean to you personally? Romance? Persuasion? Manipulation?

– Have you ever received roses from him before? From anyone else? If so, how did it make you feel at the time?

Sometimes a dream is merely acting out a wish of the heart. If you went to bed longing for him to come back, the dream may be your inner mind giving you the vision of wish fulfillment.

The separation occurred a mere four months ago. The grief is fresh. It’s possible the dream is a reflection of an early stage of grief, where your heart is in denial and trying to undo the experience of loss.

There are other angles to consider as well. For example, “dozens of long stem red roses” could represent false romantic motives. And let’s not forget about the thorns. If your ex actually did want to reunite, what would it take? Perhaps the dream is a warning to not be led by false motives, and instead to look deeper into the true reasons for the separation. Above all else, stay true to yourself.

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Punished by his returning…

PunishedDream:  I often dream about my first husband who died a number of years ago. I really never loved this man and sometimes feel I am being punished by having him return in my dreams this way.

DreamsMaster:  My sense is that these dreams of your first husband are more symbolic than visitations. Based on what little you’ve said, my guess is that you are indeed being punished… by yourself!  And it’s long overdue that you stopped.

Here’s what I suggest you do. Pick an evening when you have some quiet time to yourself, and pull out a pen and paper – you’re going to write a letter to your first husband.

If you felt wronged by him in some way that you never had the chance to confront him about, use the following letter-writing format to express yourself:

1) What you did…
2) How it made me feel…
3) How it affected my life…
4) What I want from you now… (to stop visiting me in my dreams!)

If that doesn’t fit, and you’re blaming yourself for not loving him the way you judge that you should have, then try this angle instead:

1) What I did…
2) What I might have done differently, if I knew then what I know now…
3) How it affected my life…
4) What I want from myself now… (forgiveness!)

In either scenario (or one you create of your own that fits best), end the quiet time by closing your eyes and visualizing him in the dream. But this time, in your visualization, picture yourself ushering him out of the scene. Wave good-bye. Visualize this nightly until the scenario plays out in an actual dream. Once this occurs, it’s likely he will be gone from your dreams permanently… or at least until the guilt sneaks back into your subconscious. If/when that happens, just flush out the thoughts again and repeat the visualization.

Above all else, practice self-forgiveness, and treat yourself with the same respect and understanding as you would treat a friend.

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Tortoises inside temple…

tortoises, tortoise and hare, dream metaphor, dream symbolDream:  I see colourful multiple tortoises inside temple.

DreamsMaster:  A tortoise in a dream often symbolizes wisdom, strength and patience. Its ability to escape danger by retreating into its shell also makes it a symbol of protection and healing. In Hinduism, the tortoise is said to bear the burden of the whole world on his back, and was the second of Lord Vishnu’s numerous avatars.

Since the tortoises in your dream are inside a temple, they could represent the strength and diversity of your own personal foundation and spirituality. The dream may also be directing you toward your calling – consider the idea that the tortoise represents your own traits of wisdom, strength, patience and healing. How could you put these marvelous aspects into action?

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He came to me in my dream…

he came to me in my dreamDream:  My dad died a couple of months ago. Last night he came to me in my dream. It was weird – it was as if I knew he was dead but standing in front of me alive at the same time. I went up to him and hugged him and said, “I took you for granted.” What does this mean?

DreamsMaster:  It’s not uncommon to have dreams of the departed, and it remains a mystery as to whether or not the departed can actually return to us in our dreams. That said, for those of us who have had a “visitation”, an experience that feels more like a visit than a dream, there’s no question that something unexplainable has occurred.

Regardless if you believe in visitations or not, a dream of someone departed still carries an important message. In this case, consider your words: “I took you for granted.” In what way does this statement hold true for you? It’s possible that you’re carrying some guilt or regret in regards to “what-ifs” and “if-onlys”, trying to redo or undo the past. This is a natural part of the grief process, but it’s important not to get stuck there. It’s likely your dream is giving you a nudge, helping you move on toward acceptance of your loss.

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