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Chased by an elephant…

ElephantDream: I have been chased by an elephant.

DreamsMaster: In general, an elephant often symbolizes strength and wisdom. An elephant is also associated with strong memory. In some cultures, an elephant has spiritual significance and may represent good fortune. The real question is, what does an elephant mean to you personally? How would you describe an elephant to someone who had never seen one? Not just its appearance, but also its personality? As you describe the elephant, think of how you personally identify with these traits. The elephant could represent these aspects of yourself that you find unacceptable or threatening and are trying to avoid facing.

There’s also the expression “an elephant in the room”, which refers to something of obvious concern that people are refusing to acknowledge. If you are familiar with this expression, explore the possibility that the dream could represent a major concern in your life that you’ve been trying to ignore but is “chasing after you” for attention.

Another way to work with this dream is to imagine asking the elephant why it is pursuing you, what it wants from you. This dialog between your conscious and unconscious self may reveal some interesting new awareness.

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He asks if I love him…

if I love him, beautiful oceanDream:   I’m in a house with an unknown person. He asks if I love him. I look out of the window and see a beautiful ocean.

DreamsMaster:   I see three main parts to this dream: An unknown person, the question of love, and a beautiful ocean. Let’s take each piece separately and then pull them together.

1) An unknown person: How would you describe this person? For example, what color hair did he have? What was he wearing? Did you find him attractive? Why or why not? Come up with at least three words to describe his personality. Does this description remind you of anyone you know today, or perhaps of someone you would like to know? Taking this a step deeper into dream symbolism, could this description fit an innermost part of you that needs more love and reassurance?

2) Love: How do you feel when he asks if you love him? Are you annoyed by the question, or do you find it romantic? Do you ponder the question, and try to decide whether or not you do have loving feelings inside? Does an answer evolve?

3) Window to a beautiful ocean: Water in a dream often represents one’s emotional state. In this dream, you’re looking at a beautiful ocean. This says to me that you’ve got a wealth of emotion inside of you, just waiting to be tapped.

Ultimately, the key to the dream’s meaning lies within you. But if this were my dream, I’d pull the pieces together this way:

There’s a part of me that needs reassurance that I’m lovable. I look outside myself for this reassurance, but in reality I can only get it from within. Once I believe in myself as being lovable, I’ll be able to unleash the emotion inside of me and fully engage in a loving relationship.

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Friend shoots me…

dream metaphor, dream symbolism, broken tile, broken relationshipDream:  I serve in a pastoral position and in my dream I was helping people in a church setting. A friend shoots me twice, leaving me immobilized. I’m not worried about myself as I’m more concerned for the welfare of those entrusted to me. I’m shocked and in disbelief, more than hurt about what she has done to me. I can’t move and the same person comes and steps on my neck. I hear the cracking. I feel it carries a spiritual meaning.

DreamsMaster:  I understand why this dream is so troubling to you. If you feel it carries a spiritual meaning, then begin by trusting this intuition. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

First, I have some clarifying questions:
– Is this friend in the dream a trusted friend in your waking world? Is she also a member of your church community?
– In the dream, where does she shoot you? In the back? The chest? The stomach?
– What is your friend’s emotional state in the dream? Cold? Angry? Hysterical?
– At the beginning of the dream you’re helping people in a church setting. What type of help are you administering to them?
– After you’re shot and immobilized, you’re more worried about them than yourself. How are they at risk?

Next, let’s look at possible dream themes. These are a couple that come to me:
– Someone you thought trustworthy betrayed you.
– While giving of yourself to others, you suffer gravely.

There are a number of symbols for you to consider as well. What they mean is for you to determine, but here’s what they would mean to me if it were my dream…

– Church = community
– Friend = could represent the actual person in my life, or it could represent a part of myself that I’ve identified with that friend.
– Shoots twice = determined to end life, to hit the mark.
– Immobilized = unable to protect or defend others or myself.
– Neck = lifeline between the head and the heart.

As you’re reading through all of this, are you getting a sense of the dream’s message? Only you can determine the dream’s true meaning (and it may have several layers of meaning), but from my perspective, I think it may be a warning that by giving so much to others, you may be putting your own health and well-being at risk. That said, I’d still keep a watchful eye on that friend, in case your intuition is sensing she doesn’t necessarily have your best interest at heart.

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Flooded bridge…

floodedDream:  I had a dream that I was on a bus. It was raining and sunny. The bridge was full of water, to the point that it was flooded, and the bus driver takes us off the road.

DreamsMaster:  Let’s start by looking at the theme of the dream: You are in transition (riding a bus), and there are obstacles in the way of your getting to the other side (flooded bridge).

Experiencing  “flooding” in a dream often represents being “flooded with emotion”. Water may also represent one’s deeper spirituality. It’s interesting that it’s both raining and sunny. This could represent mood swings related to the challenges and rewards experienced along the way.

The driver steers you clear of danger (takes you off the road). This could represent the part of you that remains in control, despite the emotional swings and life challenges.

As you read these possibilities, is anything getting triggered inside of you? Are you able to identify where in your life this theme may be occurring? As an additional clue, think of what was on your mind the night you had the dream.

My general sense is that although you may be going through a lot in your life right now, you’ll maintain control and have good judgment getting yourself through the challenges.

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Tortoises inside temple…

tortoises, tortoise and hare, dream metaphor, dream symbolDream:  I see colourful multiple tortoises inside temple.

DreamsMaster:  A tortoise in a dream often symbolizes wisdom, strength and patience. Its ability to escape danger by retreating into its shell also makes it a symbol of protection and healing. In Hinduism, the tortoise is said to bear the burden of the whole world on his back, and was the second of Lord Vishnu’s numerous avatars.

Since the tortoises in your dream are inside a temple, they could represent the strength and diversity of your own personal foundation and spirituality. The dream may also be directing you toward your calling – consider the idea that the tortoise represents your own traits of wisdom, strength, patience and healing. How could you put these marvelous aspects into action?

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