What does it mean to be pregnant in a dream or to dream about pregnancy?

free dating sites in oklahoma My dad passed away going on two years now. I dreamt that I was at a wedding and I walked upstairs and into my grandmother’s bedroom (my dad’s mother who is also deceased). I saw a figure lying in her bed with the covers pulled up over the head. I pulled the covers down and it was my dad. My first time dreaming about him since he passed away. He was asleep and never opened his eyes. In a joking way he asked me why did I make him cut the cord. Then he says “You know you’ re pregnant right? and it’s a boy.” Then at the end of the dream I was carrying a baby boy that appeared to be my dad.

DreamsMaster: My sense is this is a very special dream. It has elements of healing and new life, and also has the feel of a visitation, as if your dad’s spirit has actually found its way to you through your dream.

When I project myself into your dream, these themes call out to me:

– Wedding: A transition to a new chapter in life.

– Cut the cord: Also a transition, from parent-child dependence to independence.

– Pregnant: Creation of new life, bringing new life into the world. This could be literal, if you’re in a stage of life where having a child is a possibility, or it could be a metaphor for a new sense of self evolving inside you.

– Carrying a baby boy that may be your dad: Similar to the theme of pregnancy, this could have literal meaning as well as metaphorical meaning. In a literal sense, you may be carrying a child that has your dad’s spirit within. In a metaphorical sense, this could represent your new role in life… whereas once you were dependent on your father to carry you or take care of you, now the tables are turned — you are the adult and it’s up to you to be in the adult, care-giving role.

All of these images represent transition and new life. The fact that this is the first time you’ve had a dream about your dad since he passed away says to me that you are transitioning to a new level of acceptance in regards to the cycle of grief and loss. Death and birth are interrelated. Death is an ending, and birth a beginning. This dream appears to me as a gift signifying new beginnings for you.

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Fish in urine sample…

FishDream:  I dreamed I urinated in a urine cup sample and when I went to check it there was a fish swimming in the urine cup.

DreamsMaster:  A fish swimming in a urine sample leads me straight to the question, is there a chance you may be pregnant? Or are you hoping to be? A fish in dreams often represents good fortune. If you are at an age and stage in life where you are capable of getting pregnant, then this dream could be a sign pointing in that direction.

If being pregnant now or in the future is not a possibility, next you’d want to look at the theme and symbolism of this dream. Here are a couple of questions that may provide further guidance:

  • What was on your mind the night you had the dream?
  • Think of the feelings you had in the dream. Can you think of a time when you experienced similar feelings prior to the dream?

The theme of testing positive on a pregnancy test comes through strongly. If it’s not literal, then it could be a metaphor for some new life growing inside you, and good fortune coming your way.

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Pregnant but can’t be…

Dream incubation, problem-solving, dream metaphor, dream symbolism, pregnantDream:  I had this dream where I was pregnant, but I cannot have babies. Is that just wishful thinking and dreaming of it?

DreamsMaster:  It is possible that your dream is wishful thinking, as you stated. However, a dream of being pregnant can have deep metaphorical and symbolic meaning as well.

If the dream was recent, think about what was on your mind the day or night before you dreamt it. If you’d been thinking about not being able to get pregnant, then it’s likely the dream was more along the lines of wishful thinking. But, if you had not been thinking at all about being pregnant, then it’s more likely that the dream was a metaphor.

In the case that it may be a metaphor, here are some questions to ask yourself, using figures of speech related to being pregnant:

Is there some sort of new life growing inside of you? Perhaps a part of your personality that’s just now starting to develop? Or, a new idea you’re about to give birth to?

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