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Crash boyfriend’s truck…

SkidDream:  I’m driving my boyfriend’s truck. The brakes go out. I was gonna crash. And before I crashed, I woke up.

DreamsMaster:  Do you feel the relationship with your boyfriend is getting a bit “out of control”, like it’s going too fast and you can’t “put on the brakes” to slow it down? The dream could be enacting these metaphors.

That said, keep in mind that sometimes dreams are literal warnings. In this case, have you picked up on any clues that your boyfriend’s truck may be due for service, and perhaps requires new brakes?

Consider both angles, and then think about what you need to do to gain more control and feel less powerless in your current situation.

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Wife cheating…

wife cheating, having an affairDream:   I have had this dream 3 or 4 times of my wife cheating on me.  What Is IT ????

DreamsMaster:  There are a few ways this dream can be interpreted.

1) It’s possible your inner detective (your intuition) is picking up clues that your wife is emotionally distancing herself from you and this marriage, and this intuition is playing out in your dreams as her cheating on you.

2) It’s also possible that in the back of your mind you’ve been picking up signs of her having an actual affair, and your dreaming mind is bringing it to the forefront to get you past your denial.

3) Another possibility is that the dream is not about your wife’s feelings or actions, but instead represents your own insecurity or lack of confidence and sense of control within this relationship.

Check out other dreams about Cheating in the dreams.com library, and see if there are more clues here for you.

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Car chase…

Dream about a car chaseDream:  I had a dream about being in a car chase. I wasn’t driving, a girl with brown hair was. We were being chased and I sensed rivalry between the 2 cars. The second car was being driven by a guy, but at the end 3 or 4 girls came out. I don’t understand what this means!

DreamsMaster:  There’s a lot going on here. Let’s take a piece at a time then pull it all together and see what comes. I’ll project my own thoughts onto your dream, but then it’s up to you to provide your own meanings and make it your own.

First, I’m going to call out the main symbols and themes and suggest what they might mean if it were my dream…

– Car: Vehicle for getting from one place to another; source of independence.

– Someone else in the driver’s seat: Not feeling in control.

– Girl with brown hair: How would you describe this girl’s personality? I’m going to project onto her the character traits of Courage and Drive (pun intended).

– Rivalry between two cars: Could represent two parts of myself in conflict, competing.

– Second car being driven by a guy: How would you describe this guy? I project onto him the character trait of competing for the sake of ego.

– Several girls come out of the second car in the end: To me this adds to the idea that the second car represents ego, and the girls represent admiration – stroking the guy’s ego.

Putting this all together, if it were my dream, it could mean that there’s a part of me with the Courage and Drive to achieve my goals, competing with another part of me that’s caught up in my Ego and need for Admiration.  The fact that I’m a passenger in this drama means to me that I’m not taking control of the situation.

All that said, the message I might take away from the dream is that I need to be a more active participant in my life right now and not let circumstances and opinions of those around me dictate the goals I need to set for myself and my path to achieving them.

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Bats trying to get in…

Dream about batsDream:  Dreamed of bats lots trying to get into windows. My son let two in and I was frightened. He let two in.

DreamsMaster:  A bat (or two, in this case) can mean different things to different people. Here’s how to approach interpreting this dream…

1) Let’s begin by looking at the theme of the dream. In general terms, what is going on? For example, the theme of this dream could be: There’s a whole lot of something threatening outside, and someone has allowed some of the threat to get in.

2) Next, look at the specific dream symbols (such as person, place or thing) and think or write about what each means to you personally. Here’s an example from my own personal perspective – if this were my dream – but keep in mind these are only my personal projections onto your dream; you’re the one that needs to decide what fits!

Bat = Something with a reputation for being dangerous, but in reality is not. (Why, specifically, were you afraid of the bats in your dream?)

House = Sense of Self.

Window = Protection.

Son = If I had a son, in this dream the son would represent himself.

Two = The concern is twofold.

3) Take a look at the feelings evoked in the dream, and see if you can connect them to feelings you’ve been experiencing and perhaps denying in your daily life. To be “frightened” usually includes feeling vulnerable and lacking control. Are these feelings familiar to you?

4) Now, take the dream, theme and symbols and pull it all together. Here’s another example if this were my dream…

There are a number of frightening influences in the outside world, from which I try to protect my family and myself. My son does not perceive the threat the same as I do, and he is allowing some outside influences to enter our home.

5) Finally, as you work through this process, ask yourself, where in your waking world is this happening? And, what was on your mind the night before you had the dream? It’s possible your inner detective is at work, giving you this dream as a warning. This thought came to me as I was projecting my own personal thoughts and feelings onto your dream: Does your son have two friends that you question may be a dangerous influence on him?

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Boyfriend cheating…

Dreams metaphor, dream symbolism, boyfriend cheatingDream:  I don’t know why I keep having dreams that my boyfriend is lying, cheating, and eventually leaving me. I have faith in our relationship. But, these dreams are tearing me apart. Please help me.

DreamsMaster:  If you truly trust your boyfriend and have faith in your relationship with him, then these dreams are likely a reflection of your own insecurity, or fear of not being in control. It’s as if you’re subconsciously pushing him out the door, perhaps thinking you’re not worthy of being treated otherwise, or perhaps operating on the “quit before you get fired” instinct.

If you’ve had boyfriends in the past who lied and cheated on you, then it’s possible you’re guarding yourself by preparing for the worst. Sadly, this approach may lead to the very outcome you fear – driving him away.

What’s most important here is to get solid footing of your own. Dreams of losing a boyfriend and feeling torn apart by it are a sign of you being overly dependent on a boyfriend for your own security and well being. The goal here is not to make those dreams go away; on the contrary, the goal is to allow the events to unfold and to not fall apart when they do.

The dream will stop tearing you apart once you recognize you can be whole with or without a man. In fact, once you gain this inner strength, you’ll likely stop having the dreams altogether… unless, your inner detective is actually picking up on some real (not imagined) clues. If this is the case, the dreams will persist until you “wake up” and stop denying the facts that are right in front of you – and take action to reclaim your personal power.

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