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casual dating with herpesDream:  I don’t know why I keep having dreams that my boyfriend is lying, cheating, and eventually leaving me. I have faith in our relationship. But, these dreams are tearing me apart. Please help me.

DreamsMaster:  If you truly trust your boyfriend and have faith in your relationship with him, then these dreams are likely a reflection of your own insecurity, or fear of not being in control. It’s as if you’re subconsciously pushing him out the door, perhaps thinking you’re not worthy of being treated otherwise, or perhaps operating on the “quit before you get fired” instinct.

If you’ve had boyfriends in the past who lied and cheated on you, then it’s possible you’re guarding yourself by preparing for the worst. Sadly, this approach may lead to the very outcome you fear – driving him away.

What’s most important here is to get solid footing of your own. Dreams of losing a boyfriend and feeling torn apart by it are a sign of you being overly dependent on a boyfriend for your own security and well being. The goal here is not to make those dreams go away; on the contrary, the goal is to allow the events to unfold and to not fall apart when they do.

The dream will stop tearing you apart once you recognize you can be whole with or without a man. In fact, once you gain this inner strength, you’ll likely stop having the dreams altogether… unless, your inner detective is actually picking up on some real (not imagined) clues. If this is the case, the dreams will persist until you “wake up” and stop denying the facts that are right in front of you – and take action to reclaim your personal power.

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Mirror image…

dreams as reflections, dream symbolDream:  I wake up in a snowy forest. A young girl walks up to me. My dream jumps to me in a tent. A dark cloud comes out of my mouth and forms the shape of a person and floats into a mirror stood near to me. I walk up to the mirror and I see my abusive father and he says, “You, me, what’s the difference.” The mirror shatters. I get shot from behind then I wake up.

DreamsMaster:  My sense from this dream is that you’re questioning whether or not you are a “mirror image” of your abusive father. A part of you feels that you are (the dark cloud that comes out of your mouth and becomes your abusive father), while another part of you desperately wants to shatter that image.

The dark cloud that comes out of your mouth… the day or night before you had this dream, did you have some sort of confrontation with a significant other, in which you said (or bit back) dark or mean things that made you identify with your father?

This dark side of you questions the difference between your father and you, but there’s a healthier part of you that knows better. Join forces with this healthier part, and the next time your father appears in a dream or in your waking imagination, stand tall and assert, “There IS a difference.” And make it so.

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Flooded bridge…

floodedDream:  I had a dream that I was on a bus. It was raining and sunny. The bridge was full of water, to the point that it was flooded, and the bus driver takes us off the road.

DreamsMaster:  Let’s start by looking at the theme of the dream: You are in transition (riding a bus), and there are obstacles in the way of your getting to the other side (flooded bridge).

Experiencing  “flooding” in a dream often represents being “flooded with emotion”. Water may also represent one’s deeper spirituality. It’s interesting that it’s both raining and sunny. This could represent mood swings related to the challenges and rewards experienced along the way.

The driver steers you clear of danger (takes you off the road). This could represent the part of you that remains in control, despite the emotional swings and life challenges.

As you read these possibilities, is anything getting triggered inside of you? Are you able to identify where in your life this theme may be occurring? As an additional clue, think of what was on your mind the night you had the dream.

My general sense is that although you may be going through a lot in your life right now, you’ll maintain control and have good judgment getting yourself through the challenges.

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Winning at rugby…

winning at rugbyDream:  I dreamt I was playing rugby and was running through the opposition scoring a lot of points, even kicking for goals… the match wasn’t finished and the opposition stopped the game.

DreamsMaster: What I see in your dream is this metaphor: you’re playing at the top of your game. You’re in command, overcoming all obstacles.

In the dream, did you feel that the opposition stopped the game because they surrendered? Or did it feel as if that was their way of gaining control over the situation?

In your waking world today, do you feel that you’re confidently achieving your goals? Do you also have the sense that there are others competing with you, trying to stop you in your tracks?

I suggest the dream’s message for you is to embrace the feeling of confidence in your endeavors, and don’t let the opposition or competition deter you from reaching your goals.

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