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I dreamed I was falling…

Dreamed I was fallingDream: This dream I had last night. I dreamed I was falling and I was so frightened. But I started to take control of my fear and landed safely. When I looked around me I saw cats everywhere and I felt safe again.

DreamsMaster: What a great dream! To have an experience of falling – the essence of feeling ungrounded, lacking support, out of control – and then to convert that experience into taking control of your fear and landing safely is a very powerful dream experience, which you can now take and translate to your waking world. In other words, you now know on a deeper level how to control your thoughts and emotions in such a way as to convert fear into positive action.

Cats in a dream commonly symbolize feminine energy, as well as power and freedom. To me, a cat also symbolizes independence (similar to freedom) and wisdom. More important is what cats mean to you. Think about how you would describe a cat, and then look at that description and consider how those traits may be aspects of yourself – aspects that contribute to your sense of safety in the world.

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Go get the bananas…

Go get the bananasDream: I dreamed my fiancé and I met in the African village and then went to the farm and saw the bananas on the other side and my fiancé said to me “Go get the bananas on the other side of the river and bring them back” and then I refused and told my fiancé to go get the bananas. My fiancé refused and told me to go get the bananas. Then we saw a snake in the water and my fiancé bought me a piece of wood and told me to go and kill the snake. Then I refused and told her to go kill the snake. Then she refused. Then all of a sudden, we are in a tree and my fiancé is singing in the wrong notes to me. Then I saw my granddad and he asked “What are you doing in the tree”, then I woke up.

DreamsMaster: This dream appears to be illustrating conflict between your fiancé and you, specifically around issues of power and control. I see two examples of this in the dream, one in regards to fetching bananas (may symbolize sustenance) and the other in regards to killing a snake (may symbolize protection). Your fiancé expects you to address these basic needs, but you deflect back to her, and she deflects back to you, with no apparent resolution. Is this a pattern between the two of you in your waking life? In other words, do the two of you get stuck when it comes to negotiation and conflict resolution?

All of a sudden you’re in a tree. This could represent trying to rise above or escape from the conflict. To no avail, as the “disharmony” (singing wrong notes) is present even there. Perhaps your granddad represents your inner wisdom, recognizing the futility of your current mode of trying to escape the conflict. If so, consider this: What would your granddad advise in your current situation?

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Buried alive…

Buried aliveDream: Last night I had a dream I was buried alive and it was spooky. Then, within my dream I awoke in my bed and was immediately pulled into my closet by a ghost. What does this mean???

DreamsMaster: My crystal ball tells me you watched the movie Paranormal Activity last night. Am I right? 😉

But seriously, most of our dreams have something to do with what was on our mind the night before. If you’d been watching a scary horror movie, it might partially explain the content of this dream.

That said, here are some other ideas to consider in regards to the dream themes and symbolism…

⇒ Buried alive
⇒ Pulled into the closet by a ghost

In both cases, you are a victim of someone doing something terrible to put fear into you. Questions to ask yourself, to see if there’s a parallel in your waking world:

Are you feeling terrorized by someone or something in your life today? There’s mention of a ghost – could there be someone or something from your past that’s haunting you?

Along similar lines, is there something going on in your life that’s contributing to feeling powerless? Could the image of being buried alive be a metaphor for feeling “buried” with work or smothered in a relationship?

Watch for similar themes of victimization and powerlessness in your dreams in the nights to come, and then look to the events and thoughts of the day and night before to identify the trend.

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Chased by lions…

Chased by lionsDream:  Being chased by lions and being bit from behind. My young son has been dreaming this over and over for a month or so.

DreamsMaster: A lion generally symbolizes strength, power, courage, pride and leadership. It may also symbolize cruelty, especially if it has turned on you. The core question is whether the lions in this repetitive dream represent certain others in your son’s life that he’s feeling threatened by, or if they represent another aspect in his life or a trait in himself that he’s trying to run away from.

The fact that this dream began about a month or so ago is a significant clue to its meaning. Have your son think back on what started happening in his life back then. Did something of concern occur at school? For example, is he being bullied by someone he perceives to be a leader of an intimating group? If he cannot identify any external threat like this, ask him what else he may feel threatened by, such as overwhelming demands of school and fearing falling behind (“being bit from behind”). Most likely an event in his daily life triggered this feeling of being threatened, and the threat persists.

Regardless of whether the perceived threat is external or internal, work with your son to draw on the lion’s courage and transform the symbol from a threat to a friend. Have him draw a picture of a lion that represents strength, power and protection, and then encourage him to hang the picture where he can look at it frequently. Once he can tap into his own personal power and with your support face the threat head on, the dreams will become less threatening and likely cease altogether.

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I always count money…

Count moneyDream: What does it mean to always count money in your dreams?

DreamsMaster: Money can represent personal value and self-worth. In this regard, to “always count money” in a dream may symbolize a constant need for reassurance.

Money may also symbolize security, power and freedom. In this case, dreams of counting money may occur at times you may be feeling particularly insecure or powerless in your waking world, and the dreams are your inner-mind’s way of trying to calm yourself or put your mind at ease.

What a dream means has everything to do with the dreamer. Let’s say you own a business and dream about counting money. If you’re feeling happy in the dream, the dream could represent good fortune coming your way. On the other hand, if you’re feeling anxious in the dream, the dream could represent a sense of mistrust. For example, your inner detective may be picking up clues that an employee is stealing from you. Or, you could be anxious about whether or not you are bringing in enough money to meet your needs.

In order to fully understand what this recurring dream means to you, start by pausing to think about what money means to you personally. Also, consider the act of counting it, and the feeling that accompanies this in the dream. If none of the ideas above trigger the “Wa-la!” feeling that comes with an accurate interpretation, start keeping track of when you have this dream, and what was on your mind the day or night before. This should help shine light on the message your inner self is trying to give you.

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